November 16, 2016


Harrison Blake runs a subscription box business model where you receive one tie and a variation of four accessories every month. You can also purchase ties + accessories a la cart. Harrison Blake is the name of the owner’s now 6-year-old son who was 4-years-old when he started the company two years ago. The company’s objective is to provide pungent style and personality in an effortless way to men for an affordable cost {of $25} every month. Upon receiving the ties, I noticed they were of good quality, particularly for the price of $18ea. They have a sleek narrow design accompanied with the stately embroidered Harrison Blake label. 

These two ties really reminded me of two popular wallpaper and fabric trends going on right now. The softness of floral compilations against the strong and demanding backdrop of black is a lovely combination, which can be greatly enjoyed by both genders. This wasn’t initially the beau’s favorite tie, but after modeling this Night Rose Necktie for my design + blogging needs, it started growing on him, just as perennials +vines do.

The bicycle print on this tie reminded me of the textile trend which exhibits a Schwin bicycle aesthetic. These bicycle printed textiles are great as accents which can/will exhibit your mood + or personality. The grey color scale of this tie is a commonly used by manufacturers, but the bicycle impression is a great unexpected touch of character.  Go to Harrison Blake to see more of their ties and subscription box. 

November 14, 2016


Melissa Mars is an actress + singer who stared in the movie Curse Of Mesopotamia. I met her through my friend Lauand Omar the director + writer of the movie. She’s a French born actress, international performer + I had the pleasure of having a lovely conversation with her about her inspirations + influences as an artist.  From a young age she knew she was different and over the years she has inspired many through her music and performances. During this interview we explored the many facets of Melissa Mars as a musician + actress. You’ll find out which Hollywood classic she would remake, what city inspires her music the most + how her fans connect with her music. Enjoy!

Name: Melissa Mars
Type of Artist: Singer & Actress {Equally. I always miss the other when I am not doing it.}
Country/ City Of Origin: Paris, France
Astrology Sign: Virgo
Animal Spirit: Panther – My spirit resembles the physicality, agility and perseverance}
Superhero Alter Ego: Batman or Iron Man
Go-To Drink/Cocktail: I don’t drink alcohol so it would be.  Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice mixed with fresh lemon and/or mango juice.
Vice/Guilty Pleasure: Candy & Chocolate {I have sweet tooth}
Go to Party/Release/Let It Go Song: My go to song is ever evolving. Right now I am really into, “Can’t Hold Us” Macklemore, Love Me Again by John Newman. I am addicted to the application Shazaam, I use it all when I hear a song I absolutely love.

How Many Languages Do You Speak: French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese. I’m a bit rusty in my German and Japanese, but if I were to visit Germany for a month, I’m sure I’ll be able to pick it back up.

Do you recall a moment when you realized you wanted to be and singer or actress? As a child I was always playing make believe and creating stories and characters on my own. I was an only child so I would play by myself as well as embody the different characters.  It wasn’t until I was 9 years old, when I realized acting is what I want to do when I became an adult. It’s funny, I actually remember announcing it in school, they would ask what you wanted to do as an adult, and everyone laughed, thinking it was beyond people like us to dream so big.

Which artist inspires you the most? Angelina Jolie, I love how she balances the many layers of being a woman such as her sex appeal, career, family kids & international relations. I think she is a great example of how we as women can do it all and don’t have to limit ourselves to one thing.  I relate to her as I’ve always had an inclination to help children and those in need. Helen Keller is another person I very much admire. Her story is severely inspirational and an inspiration for those who want to overcome adversities. In the story/play “The Miracle Worker”  she finds her ability to overcome her handicaps which was very inspirational. I was very intrigued by her tutors’ {Anne Sullivan} persistence and ability to change the life of Helen Keller enabling her to do more than many ever expected, such as writing books etc.

What city best describes you as a singer? Michigan is what inspires me a lot right now. That’s where I first saw Fall in all it’s beauty. I was able to visit the original headquarters of Motown in Detroit and was so inspired by the history and the legacy they created in music and pop culture in general. I was apart of a project where Coca Cola picked 52 international singers to create 52 songs about what happiness is to them. My song “Beautiful” is one of the songs on the Coca Cola compilation songs of happiness. Pharell’s song "Happy" is also on of course. My song "Beautiful" is a Vosa Nova song which I created after I visited and became inspired by Michigan & Motown.

How do you want your art to music to inspire others. What’s your message/objective? When I released my first single and I was confronted with the notion that my music was helping others and it excited me, but it didn’t start off that way. Because I always had dreams of being an actress when I started singing I felt as if I was stealing someone’s dreams because my main desire was to be an actress. I didn’t understand it was how it was meant to be and this is how life is. When they ask for my musical inspiration and favorite singer I didn’t think I would know what to say, as this wasn’t my main focus growing up, it was always acting. When my first single didn’t work I thought, I was right & I shouldn’t be doing this. Then I went on holiday {vacation} and got an idea for my song "Daddy Doesn’t Recognize Me. This was the first time I was expressing myself and telling stories. I realized it was my mission & purpose and it made me very excited. That song had so many effects on people, I started receiving letters from fans thanking me. I even had fans thank me saying, thanks to your music I didn’t commit suicide. That really made me understand the power of my music. I would like my music to influence others in a positive way and help people through adversities.

Through your travels you have experienced the influence of some very different cultures. Have they made an impact on your work and perspective as a singer? The topic of my 3rd album was about a love story, which was frozen. “Army of Love” is a song off that album and it was very personal to me, it actually came to me in photos. I had an image of myself stuck in ice, 1,000 of little Melissa Mars stuck in ice. I had the concept but no lyrics. For nine months no lyrics! That’s why we went to Iceland and there is where I felt it, it came to me and I told my mom it should be called "Army Of Love."

Art is an ever-evolving thing. How do you manage to stay current as a singer? I listen to current music, and work with great producers, as a producer’s job is to stay current and relevant with the music and beats they create. I focus on photos & melodies while they come with the production and we collaborate.

If you can star in a remake of a classic film, which film would it be and who would you play? “Splender in the Grass” with Natalie Wood. I think Natalie Wood did such an amazing job, I would love to simply star alongside her.

What part of the world best describes your mood when you create? El Matador Beach in Malibu. It’s very colorful, and it's amazing to observe that blue ocean crash into those large rocks. At time's it's peaceful and other times it’s rocky and contentious. That is a constant battle during the creative process.  
Where would you alter ego live? My alter ego travels through other people. People who come in and out of your life.

What's your favorite beach? Malibu Beach.

If you could be any animal which would you be? A bird, I love the status of Eagles. Very regal and strong.

In your travels what cities best inspire you creatively? Right now Michigan, Detroit area.

What are your “must haves” when you travel? 2 luggage pieces with all of my fashion must haves. I have a fashion blog for my fans on Chictopia.

What’s you favorite room in your house? I love my home/room in Paris. I’m currently moving round a lot, but my ideal favorite room would have a balcony, bedroom with a balcony.

Name some of your favorite hotels? The Mondrian, I love the décor and the rooms. I was in LA and I kept changing hotels but when I got to the Mondrian I loved it so much I didn’t want to leave the hotel. I wanted to stay there and enjoy it. I also love the W hotel everywhere, but I really like the ones in NY, such as the W hotel on Wall Street & Timesquare.

What fashion house/designer is your favorite? Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Julien Fournie. 

What city best describes your love life? Anyplace has it’s own romantic feeling because it’s the romantic energy from the people that will help create the romantic atmosphere. Even friends can create a romantic experience by discussing romance in a particular city, region or atmosphere.

What romantic journey do you want your music to take your fans on?  That’s a great question. I do have friends who met because of me and they call their baby a Martian Baby.  That’s one of the best outcomes from a romantic journey right? Creating life from your love. I would love the same for my fans, to be able to come together in love, with love and create & live with love! Love is a healer and I think it’s safe to say the world can never have too much love, right?