July 13, 2016


So I absolutely LOVE Fergie’s "MILF$" video! So here is how I would break down the creative direction of the video for someone who has yet to see it.  Color blocking to the MAX with a combination of strong sharp colors complimented by soft uses of pastels and neutrals… but WAIT! The best part is while the color palette is consistent you get to venture through the decades of the later half of the 20th century with the wardrobe and set design.
Via justjared
Chrissy Tiegen is breastfeeding while looking chic as ever in Moschino Couture. This scene really caught my eye, because no matter how fabulous a woman may look or feel while breast feeding the concept and idea that a woman’s body not only grows life, but also generates the initial nutrition as amazingly FABULOUS in it’s self. Ladies this shot of FABULOUSNESS is how you should feel at any point of your journey through women hood, because we were designed to sustain life. 
#babymaker #MILF$ 

Via justjared
I love the use of latex in this Kim k. shot. The combination of beige latex and white milk with the gold accent pieces in the back serves as an awesome color palette.

This 80’s look is a great combination of Jane Fonda workouts + meets Breaking and I live for it. Let’s not forgot how amazing her extension is in this shot. #dancelife

This Old Hollywood look transcends us to a time when women focused on being alluring + sensual while being in charge. Fergie is showing just enough to exhibit the power of a woman… her sexuality + sensuality.  

MILF$ giving FACE…

This scene is 1950’s meets Warhol meets 80’s colorful-ness.

More LATEX + colorful wigs…can we say color blocking at it’s finest?

This shot shows you the many decades of MILF-NESS {yes, I just made that one up} at a glance. It sums up the amazing role + ability of women. The strength in their sexy is the same strength use to grow life, take care of it and handle business at the same time. Artist like Fergie are important for women who are trying to balance it all. I really enjoy watching women evolve into the many stages life has for us and these awesome pieces of work is yet another trinket in the time capsule of civilization. B. Aukerland + Fergie carried out a creative concept which isn’t just eye catching + entertaining but speaks to the daily balance that women + mothers try to achieve everyday.