I’m Tonisha Ramona, the DANCING DESIGNER. I’m a professional Dancer + Interior Stylist. I believe life is a stage , a runway and everything you experience within it is the end result of creativity be it by man or nature. I blog about myriad forms of art + creative concepts related to travel, culture, performance + innovative space solution.

the BEGINNING... born in Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey, became a woman in Miami is the way I describe my journey and pattern of habitation. I started walking in South America at 9 months; learned how to draw the British flag in England at 4 years old; took NYC fashion district by storm when I started making bridal headpieces at 5 years old, and enjoyed playing hide-go-seek in the United Nations Headquarters. {Yes, you heard correctly. It lasted hours, as we were very unaware of the size of the building and the effect it would have on the length and duration of our innocent form of play.}

the MIDDLE I grew up experiencing different ways of living and it has influenced how I see life, nesting, fashion and overall ideals and concepts about life. I’ve purchased home accents from Tibetan refugees in Nepal, and shared the stage dancing with some of the top Latin recording artists. I comfortably fit into NO ‘box’ while I am a comfortable visiting the ‘boxes’ to which others confine themselves. I dance to the beat of my own drum; welcome to my rock concert where I compose my own music, perform for the world with dance moves that will leave Mick Jagger taking notes and asking for a private dance lesson.

the NOW”Living in Fashion” where I share my beliefs of life, art + living. I am the ultimate rock star, rock star of life, rock star of art, rock star of dance, and my biggest performance ever is this journey some call life.