January 21, 2014

6 Design Resolutions for 2014

·         Play/Kids Room

 Designating a particular space for your children will not only help to keep them entertained but also allow you to design & decorate the rest of your home with adults in mind. No more cleaning up children toys before you entertain.

·         Home Office

     Create an oasis that will help you be more productive with your career. Make sure your home office reflects who you are what you do and the culture of your business/organization. Properly personalize your office and make it your space. Not only will you look forward to starting your work day you will also be more productive.



 Master Bedroom
   This is where you begin and start your day, let it be your oasis and give you a relaxing rejuvenating feel as it should. Create that spa /hotel feel that you want. You have a favorite hotel, well use that as inspiration. You will start to feel so much more revived and when you wake up in the morning.

   Living Room
      This is where you will entertain and create lots of memories; it also holds the personality of your home. Ensure it reflects that! Decorate it so that it’s functional for your entertaining life style. Weather you entertain with drinks, movies, games or books ensure your living room is a room that you and your guest are “living” in, and not a MUSEUM room.


     As you know the kitchen is the heart of the home, make sure it reflects that. I know it can be and feel a bit overwhelming but it’s completely worth the work.  It will transform the functionality of your kitchen and transform how you cook, clean and entertain in that area.

·         Bathroom

     The second room you use when getting ready for your day so make sure it has all the elements in it that will assist you in getting a good start on your day. Think about the storage, lighting, flooring, and shower/Jacuzzi elements as well. When choosing colors for your bathroom choose colors that are calming peaceful and bright.