May 27, 2015


For those of who are still wondering WHY an outdoor shower is a great investment/project, I created this blog post for YOU. For those of you who are already planning on adding an outdoor shower to your home this summer, you will get further confirmation that you are making one of the best decision for your home!

How many of us are tired of the kids & pets {fur babies count too} running through the house a mess? We all get tired of it, putting down a mat or a bunch of towels for them to track through with mud, grass & god knows what else on them to make it to the bathroom with the hopes they don’t touch our newly upholstered couch. Ummm, yeah you can definitely benefit from an outdoor shower.  I say you get messy and dirty outside you clean it up outside too! Your outdoor shower will serve as a great way to hose them off and dry them down before them step foot in the house. Now I know they may not be able to do the deep cleaning they may very much be in need of, but at least you won’t have to worry about your awesome home furnishings  & d├ęcor as they make their way to the bathroom!

Hello, folks have we forgotten what an amazing summer shower with a significant other can be amazingly romantic? If you are in a long-term relationship or married, you definitely want to experience a few outdoor showers with your partner to reignite your relationship! Get the kids off to bed, grab a bottle of wine and jump in that outdoor shower for a nightcap and moon shower.

We are constantly trying to add natural elements in our home, we want dead sea minerals, sea salt bath scrub, natural loofas, sun kissed look. Instead of trying to bring nature in, why don’t we just go IN nature? Use your sea salt scrub in your outdoor shower and enjoy the benefits of the suns rays, or the moons glow.

If you enjoy outdoor activities often, such as entertaining, gardening, etc. your outdoor shower will provide another water source, which is easer to get to than a hose. You can use it the same way you would use a sink, filling up buckets, washing off tools, washing your hands and even simply filling a watering can. {for the lazy folks who don’t care to go for the hose} I would say an outdoor shower set up would serve the purpose of a shower and a sink. So if you have neither, start of with an outdoor shower.

You now have 4 justifications to go ahead with that outdoor shower you planed for this summer! Need inspiration of styles & ideas? No problem, check out my list of 8 MINIMILIST OUTDOOR SHOWERS, it should give you a few examples and ideas to start thinking about before you get started on your new outdoor project & venture.

If you are on a summer project fix, check out the 2 Easy Kitchen Upgrades For Summer. {It includes 1 bonus tip as well}

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