May 20, 2015

2 Easy Kitchen Upgrades For The Summer +1 Bonus Tip

Here are three things you can do to spruce up your home for summer guest and entertaining. Yes, I’m aware you will be spending lots of tie outside grilling and soaking up the luscious sun, but I have a 2 changes you can make in your kitchen to give it a slight face lift for your summer entertaining and 1 "bonus idea". This post is to wet your palette with ideas & options to get you to start thinking about the possibilities in changes you can make.

Kitchen Faucet
It’s amazing how we can overlook a décor element when we are so focused on the function it provides.  If your faucet is old, outdated or simply just not as fabulous as you are, CHANGE IT! No need to keep it if it’s not giving you the “UMPH” your kitchen needs.  Below I have included a few of my favorites.

Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet Hardware is to your kitchen as lipstick is to a woman’s makeup routine. Ladies know that when applying lipstick at the end of our make-up routine, a difference between fire engine red, and burgundy will make all the difference. Well, the same for your cabinet hardware. Color, size, shape, knob vs. pull vs. lever. The options are truly endless. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites below. Just imagine how different your kitchen will look and feel with this simple upgrade.

BONUS: Serving Trays
Whether you are going from the kitchen to the grill or the grill to the kitchen, nothing like having a tray to carry all of our essentials in style. I have a few serving trays as I like to keep a few in the area of my guest to gather used cutlery, glasses, napkins etc. I also love a serving tray to serve appetizers, drinks, and dessert. But one of my favorite uses for the serving tray to schlep all of my grilling essentials back and forth Sauces, veggies, meat, spatula, foil etc. We know the drill, trying to carry everything in your hands, dropping or forgetting something somewhere. Just put it your serving tray and you are guaranteed to looking chic {and sexy} while schlepping all of your grilling and entertaining necessities back and forth.

I hope these three ideas help you while entertaining your summer guest. But of course that’s not all I have for you. After all I want to make sure you are fully set up for summer! 

I didn't stop there, I also included an Outdoor Movie Screen Set-Up Guide. 

I know I know, you feel like you have won the home decor lottery for the summer! You are very welcome.  You can simply thank me by sharing all this good info with your friends & family. 

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