May 13, 2015


I have become completely obsessed with the idea of an outdoor shower. I’m pretty sure some of you may have been thinking about creating one but just couldn’t get around to it. I created this post with 8 outdoor showers I absolutely love with a minimalist look.  So many possibilities, and options, hopefully this can help you during your summer outdoor projects.  Show your contractor/plumber these images; let him know your budget and he can take care of the rest!

This is actually a water hose with a shower head at the end, 
how simply genius is that?

This is actually a shower set which is sold with all the pieces needed, and you simply have to attach your garden hose it and there you go an outdoor shower.

How amazing is this? A garden and shower all-in-one. The greenery obviously provides privacy as well as a calming serene feeling. Great option if you already have a greenery area like this. Situating the correct drainage would be the "major" challenge with this shower set up. 

Not so much privacy with this shower set up, but who needs privacy right? No, but seriously I love this shower, this is also a pre-purchased option you can buy in a kit and have your contractor/plumber set up for you.

This shower set up requires proper plumbing and work as you can see the pipes are behind the brick wall covered by the ivy. But I started to think, If you have a wall/enclosure/partition similar to this, you can have your plumber run the pips directly on the wall and cover it with plants/greenery! How is that for an idea?

 I’m not sure if it gets any simpler than this. Pipes, showerhead and 4x4 which is about 7-8 ft long. You can paint/finish the wood to match your current outdoor décor. This type of shower is great to use as a shower as well as a pipe/sink for gardening/cooking etc. Great idea for a very rustic/effortless look.

This shower has such a clean look and very unassuming. It’s not so “in your face”. You would almost forget it’s there if it weren’t for the shower accessories at the bottom. This is also a pretty effortless set up, again talk to your plumber, but if you are going for the a more effortless look, discuss the possibilities of having the pipes run outside along the side of the house if it will cut costs/expenses.

This shower looks like its setup in an area, which is outdoor/indoor. I wanted to include this set up for hose who live along the equator and don’t have to endure the seasonal changes. It provides privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. A shower like this would be very practical for everyday use & not just the hot summer months.

Hope these outdoor showers got your ideas & creative juices flowing. If you want to see more of my awesome summer ideas, check out the blog posts below.

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