August 31, 2014


Hi Folks!

Welcome to my blog, I am Tonisha Ramona an Interior Stylist (some like to say Interior Designer), and welcome to my WORLD! I have created this blog to share with you the world of design and to teach you, yes YOU how YOU can style your life starting with your home.

This blog will allow you to join me 
on beautiful & adventurous journeys of my design projects, and see behind the scenes of what really happens in the mind & life of a stylist {a.k.a interior designer.}

This video shows me sourcing products for a kitchen. Stay tuned to see the final result.

I will also  bring as much attention to home fashion as most pay to high fashion. I will show you how to dress your home as well as you dress yourself. I will discuss everything from baby nurseries, to master baths, to celebrity homes. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what aspect of home fashions you would like me to share and discuss with you. I am here to discuss & share every aspect about home fashion and styling in order to empower you to "STYLE your LIFE starting with your HOME!"
Welcome, enjoy & stay tuned ;)

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