September 10, 2014

Crying a River - R.I.P. Joan Rivers

5 Design Ideas Joan Rivers Left Us From
 Her Connecticut Home

Yesterday we lost an amazing woman. A woman known for her humor, wit, smarts, quick comebacks as well as her fashion. I decided to  do a post to highlight her home, how she lived and how we can all implement a little bit of Joan River’s style in our home.

I have highlighted my favorite elements of her Victorian style home in New Milford, Connecticut.  The home has four  bedrooms, four and half  bathrooms and sits on 76 acres of land.

The home is a mix of French Country decorated with early 1900's pieces. It may not be exactly yours or my taste, but I did find a few things that I absolutely loved.

This is Joan Rivers kitchen & I love the gold hardware on her kitchen drawers. And lets not forget the drama that the chandelier is providing hanging over the island.

Here is a perfect example of drama given by a chandelier. Instead of it hanging in the kitchen it' s hanging directly over the dinning table which compliments the kitchen. 

And what's drama with out a bit of gold. Gold accents are a great way to add a regal feel throughout your kitchen without it being overbearing and gaudy.

Here we have part of her living room where she displays books in her built in bookcase! The sun burst mirror hanging directly above the self-portrait of her favorite pooch is also a sweet touch to the space. 

Once you style them correctly they can serve as a space for storage while providing character &style to the space. 

A more classic & natural look to styling a built-in bookcase.

Sunburst mirrors have been a trend for years now, and some may be tired of them but for those who are still in love with the idea, below are a few examples for your styling pleasure.

Hanging one mirror above a dresser, buffet or console table is a great way to style the space in a minimalist way. 

One of my favorite parts of Joan Rivers home is her lovely dog portrait next to her built in.
Heading up this staircase is a large oversized photo of the family dog and I think it’s just splendid. It adds an element of surprise, intimacy and nature. Animals can give off a similar innocent feel that one gets when around children. So why not frame the family dog and add him/her to your wall.

I love the fact that you can see the brush strokes on this dog painting. It gives a fresh and authentic feel to the painting and who wouldn’t want a fresh and authentic feel in their home.

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