February 11, 2015


As a single woman I realize how important it is to have a room, which can give you a romantic feel at times. Décor gives back to you what you put in to it. Each room in the home can give you a feeling and ambiance; in fact rooms can give you multiple feelings and ambiances. It’s all on how you put it together. I’m going to share a few things you can do to your bedroom to maintain a romantic feeling all year long. If you are going through a rough time, such as a divorce, break-up, lost of job, illness lost of loved one or even depression creating a room of romance and sensuality can help improve your spirits and emotional state.


Your bed anchors your bedroom the same way a couch anchors a living room. Your linens solidify the personality & charisma your bed will embody. What you also need to know is your linens and bed sheets have direct contact you your body therefor igniting your sense of feelings of touch. 

Personal Story Time: Silk sheets can be very annoying. As embracing, as it is to admit, I used to have a set and they were so inconvenient and annoying as ever. I was sliding all over the place and it’s very hard to make the bed when the sheets take on this snake like life of it's own constantly slithering around and moving. It was truly a HOT MESS! Moral of that story----> Leave silk sheets out of your bedroom. Ugh! 

Stick to a a lovely cotton with a thread count suitable for your bodies needs. Start with this question, "What makes me feel sexual & sensual when sleeping?" for some people that may be a very thick cotton blend simulating the feel of being snuggled and hugged by a handsome lover/partner. Or it may be a light breathable blend which allows your body to feel traces of the wind from a summer breeze or in some cases {an AC vent} but either way it's a breeze! Understanding what your body feels and desires is what's going to guide you towards the correct style & make of bed sheets for you. 

I love the flexibility of pillows. You do not have to commit to pillows as you do with lighting and furniture. The lack of commitment {yes, I have commitment issues, but that's a story for another day & another blog post} also allows you to experiment and enjoy exploring different samples of SEXY & ROMANTIC patterns or textures.  A few examples of romantic pillows would be soft textures; animal prints are still erotic in nature. {no pun intended} Believe it or not metallic can have provide a romantic, sensual feel by adding an element of glamour to the bedroom. 

How do you figure out what kind of throw pillow you should use for you bedroom to give you that extra boom, sexy, sensual factor? here's how I do it.

 I start with the "extreme" element which represents a form of sexuality, sensuality, glamour, intimacy etc. What ever that element is for you bottle it up in a throw pillow. If leopard print is your thing, it turns you on, or feels sensual or erotic to you but you have a fear of using it as a wallpaper, rug or bedsheets wrap it up in a pillow. A dash of leopard can lend a strong sense of sensuality & romance to a space. 

Here is a great source for animal print throw pillows, 
hand made in the USA via ETSY.

They’re two aspects of lighting to pay attention to when trying to create sexy & romantic décor. The style of your light fixture and the bulbs can help to create a more sensual, relaxing & vulnerable dynamic to your mood as well as the outlook on yourself and your love life. Below are a few chandeliers styles to consider. Using, industrial style lighting is a great way to add a touch masculinity to your room , and HELLO ladies!!!!! After all, masculinity is one of the KEY ingredients to romance & sensuality isn't it? 

I've added two reading lamps which I became obsessed with. Pairing a set of flowers, a good read with an awesome candle is just what's needed on a night stand for a touch of romance & relaxation. 

This seems so obvious but so many people truly forget the power behind scents. Don’t under estimate what scents can do for your senses and mood. Some of my favorite candles are made by Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein. Their candles are very potent, strong yet not offensive. I also take the left over wax from the candles and burn it in an oil burner. Always try to keep candles & scents in your home the same way many ensure they always have milk or eggs. It should be a staple. It’s a very easy way to ignite feelings of sensuality & relaxation. 

This Ralph Lauren candle is called "Jamaica" carrying a lovely sent of the Caribbean.

Calvin Klein has a lovely selection of frangrances, some of my favorites is "Leaf" & "Meadow"

Pillar candles last long and when you pair them up with a glass hurricane or glass vase, the combination of light meeting glass provides a lovely crystalized reflective moment which can only enhance a romantic energy in a bedroom.

Candles in a bottle allows you to play around with different heights and grant you the opportunity to create a cool candle light vignette in the fireplace.


Paint is to our walls what a dress is to your body. Art is to your walls what buttons, belts & ties are to a dress. It gives it a specific personality and style. The art you choose for your walls can lend a very romantic, sensual & provocative energy to you room. You want to first figure out what your room needs. Does your room need art, which is more demure, or very suggestive style of art or does your room need something a bit more naturally sensual? You have to know who you are & what makes you feel sensual and romantic.  It will be different for everyone, so here is how you can figure that out. Do an inventory of your daily happenings. What aspects of life do you find sensual, erotic, romantic & sexy. Is it a field of tulips? Image of a couple walking the streets of Paris holding hands or a Cuban couple dancing salsa on a hot summer night in Havana? Try to draw from the images accumulated in your mind over the years. Think of experiences you may have had, movies you watched, stories you were told, or simple desires and romantic goals you have fro yourself. If a scene in the movie Casino reminds you of romance then use it. Romance is as you design it. Below I have attached images I consider sexy & sensual. 

I really love this photo, as a professional dancer I really really like how it appears as if she is dancing sensually in a bar, this photo really reminds me of myself. The professional dancer in me loves this photo as well. 

Nothing like a ballerina doing a handstand in point shoes. Again the combination of strength and sensuality of a woman makes me feel empowered as a woman and empowerment is always sexy! 

 The strength in the charcoal black brush stroke accompanied by the femininity and of her lips is perfect reflection of the essence of a woman.

 I think this image is self explanatory, right? 

The afro/hair in this painting is definitely strong & sensual. 
LOVE LOVE this image. 

Ladies, I have now shared with you the key elements I use to add romance to my bedroom and the bedrooms of my clients. Remember these are not practices solely reserved for the month of February. I would love to hear what YOU do to add romance to your bedroom and to your life! Let me know in the comments section below. 

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