August 12, 2015


I am so excited to share this DIY project. Ladies this is truly a treat from me to you! I am gong to share with this DIY project of a handsome bachelor. He’s a handsome home flipper who also does video production, and loves to enjoy a relaxing ride on his motorcycle. His name is Zach Wright. He has an amazing eye for style, charismatic personality, above average business acumen, and a smile full of charm. Yes ladies, and as if that’s not enough, HE’S great with his hands!

He created this awesome coffee table using a combination of a few unexpected materials. He’s sharing the process along with a peek into his personal life. {Ok, ladies it’s just a peek into his home, but hopefully we can get him to share his personal life at some point} 

1. Sand down the top portion of the table

2. Beat up the wood table with a hammer or brick.

*Sneak peak*
Once completed it will give this end result.

3. Fill a gallon tub half way with apple cider and 6 steel wool pads to create stain (let sit for 48hrs)

4. Apply stain with brush & let sit over night.

6. Wipe of residue with dry cloth & apply 
lemon polish to darken & let dry. 

This will be your end result.

What Zach eventually did is remove the top of the table and 
put it on top of a palette coffee table he created. 
This is the end result. I'll be speaking to Zach getting the 
low down on exactly how he created the legs & frame of 
the end result coffee table. In the meantime rock out with that 
Distressed Look via Apple Cider Vinegar! 

Ladies, a few words of encouragement from Zach!

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