March 9, 2016



It’s officially that time of year again! Every year I do a herb garden in the back but this year I wanted to ALSO have a kitchen garden. I wanted to have a few herbs at my fingertips in my kitchen so here is how I got it poppin'. 

 Here is what I did. I took old pasta sauce jars and added a few rocks on the bottom 1st. This is very important because there isn’t away for the water to drain the rocks will allow for air get trapped and circulate. This is VERY important to avoid mold build up.  You then add some potting soil leaving a bit of room at the top for adding your herb of choice.

Here is what my Kitchen Herb Garden looks like thus far. I planted {left to right} cilantro, oregano + basil. Since I really like the end result I’ll be adding a few more herbs ever so often.

I took the left over herbs and threw them in a plant pot outside for now. I’m not sure what I plan on doing with them. I’ll probably replant them separately in bigger pots.

I bought some sage + rosemary but they couldn’t fit into the small pasta jars inside, so I also threw these in a pot outback, until my next gardening session. Hope this was helpful for your gardening purposes. To see my herb garden blog post from last year, click HERE!

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