May 11, 2016


As designers/creative many times we get inspired to make decisions/creative choices at the most random times. My awesome designer friend Shelly did just that! At 11pm one night she decided she was going to paint her bedroom, and let me tell you it was the only thing missing to bring her bedroom together and give it a warm and cool feel!  

This was the color of the walls before she started painting. Not giving us life, until….

Shelly busted out her paint rollers and a few gallons of Sherwin Williams “Dark Night” and she got the party started! 
{I think Shelly used to be a painter, she didn’t even tape the edges. Shelly better werk!!!}

Now look at that! A world of a difference, so as you can see she only did the headboard wall {wall behind the bed}  It really ties in the bed, bedding and her accessories.  

She's not completely done as yet, but mission was accomplished. The striped pillow and through now pop because of the deep richness in that “Dark Night” by Sherwin Williams. That color also makes her gold accent pop like jeweled treasures at the bottom of the ocean.

This corner is a perfect example of how color + contrast is a seamless way to add drama, and personality to a room. The Off white bamboo styled framed mirror looks so fresh on that “Dark Night” painted wall. I’m sure Shelly has plans for the beige wall which houses the two black framed mirrored phrases. But the contrast of those black frames and the light/beige wall works well for now!

Shelly is a sexy, horse loving, vivacious, endearing woman with the perfect combination of style +grace. Oh! 
And she’s also an Interior Designer; learn more about her design style check out her site HERE. 
If you want to connect with her  because you are also a sexy, horse loving, vivacious person check her out on her FB!


  1. Fun article Tonisha and your tips are great! Shelly's room looks lovely, I love dramatic color.