June 1, 2016


So this is a random "trio". For fathers day I decided to share with you a few of my favorite design choices in the homes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Will Smith + Chris Pratt! 3 different styles, in 2 different countries, only 1 house in bachelor mode. What do you think their styling choices mean about them and how they like to spend time in their domain. 

Original Photo Source: Celebrity Homes Europe + Mirror UK
So I think this was his home, while he was single. I'm not really sure, and I don't really care {hope you don't either} I'm more focused on the architecture, decor and style of the home. This home is located in Madrid, and it makes very curious to know the variations of streamlined architecture within the rest of Madrid. I wonder if it's very popular/common or more rare/unexpected which makes it more appreciated. Streamlined architecture in old cities like Madrid creates for such a full palette of architecture styles. You can see 500+ years of architecture style and growth. 

The characteristic of someone who is attracted to this style home is someone who has an appreciation for growth, progress as well as has a god amount of respect for
engineering/architecture/manufacturing etc. 

Original Photo Source: Architectural Digest 
We know this family is full of style, let’s see what their home is like. These are photos of their August/2011 Architectural Digest feature of their Malibu home. NATURE is a huge them in this home’s décor well paired with pungent color found in smaller accent pieces of furniture + well placed unexpected creative choices.  

I’m pretty sure this is only one their properties in California. This home is styled for the function of being a very relaxed; zen chilled out retreat, but still allows for entertainment, fun, and celebrations as needed.  It has many elements of nature in it’s natural form such as the wood pieces which were made into tables, but also has a few elements to counter position nature or being “zen” such as the zebra rug. If one were to think if a room to relax and be “zen” zebra print isn’t going to be a first choice. Those type of selections and creative choices were made to maintain a balance of “zen” with excitement + stimulation when needed.

Original Photo Source: Instagram
So I actually don’t know if the photos below are of Chris Pratt’s home. I think it’s possible the first photo me a be the actual residence of someone, if not his, then maybe a friend or family member. But the second photo, I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s décor of a commercial building, like a hotel etc. The second pic shoes a very common trend of a commercial space trying to edit and update their décor/style in stages. So sometimes they simply purchase new lamps, and change out the old, new coffee tables etc and change them out as they come in. Because of that, it’s not uncommon to see styled colliding or furniture pieces, which don’t really compliment each other in commercial spaces. They are literally evolving and transitioning the style with the customers there, so they are also able to get good feed back if they use the customers as a type of focus group. I'm pretty sure both locations are in the states. I feel like the 1st photo may be a cottage style house in the south or a colonial revival style home with a wrap around porch in the north east. 

See, in this situation below, no one would ever pair those chairs with the coffee and end table in this photo. Those are not purposely supposed to be hanging out in the same room together. Some has to go! It’s like having a vegan menu in a steak house…..clearly someone made a mistake, or the steak house needs to turn into a vegan restaurant soon!!!

Ok folks, those were my thoughts on those particular spaces. What do you like in those spaces I’d love to know what catches your EYE! OH! If you found other photos of their home/homes or someone else’s space definitely leave that awesome info in the comments below. 
Talk soon!

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