November 9, 2016


We are properly approaching holiday season + I have a new product in my Etsy Shop. Last year I launched my RUSTIC GLAM HOME DÉCOR LINE on Etsy, which consisted of a collection of glowing gem appearing surfaces with reverse side chalkboard surface.  This year I added ornaments! It’s going to be great see how these bejeweled lumber slices look on the limbs of green foliage.  I have three vibrant yet swank colors, which go well with the natural colors of the birch bark and leafiness of Christmas trees.
The ornaments come in a set of six for $18. The white gives a diamond infused snow flake look on both sides, the gold grants a raw gold sensibility on both sides while the mauve collaborated blush is double sided with the diamond infused snow flake look on the reverse side. The round wood sliver varies from 2”-3” inches and approximately ¼ inch thick. If I haven’t answered all of your questions you’ll be sure to find further information, the Rustic Glam Coaster + any current discounts in my Etsy shop. 


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