September 17, 2014


Ok, so this is the situation. I don’t really care for a pink room for girls and blue rooms for boys. I think it’s so interesting that everyone raises their children telling them to be individuals, yet you start their life off by putting them in a box. That’s pretty funny if you ask me. It’s something that’s been done for years, but nothing wrong with changing it up a bit. It’s definitely becoming more and more popular to have a non-gender specific nursery but once in a while I get a client who wants a pink nursery and boy how it disappoints me. I am going to show you here a few non-gender specific nurseries one which I completed a few years ago and other we sourced from different blogs.

This is a non-gender specific nursery I did, and usually when I share the photo many cannot decide whether the room is for a little boy or girl. Can you take a wild guess? {Share your answer below in the comments area, and next week I will reveal the answer}  Using a mixture of coral blue allowed for the room to be suitable for a boy, girl or both. {in the  wild event of twins}

Here is the actual room! Grey and white chevron stripes were added to break up the consistency of straight lines. 

This area is directly across from the crib and I created this to allow for toy storage and organization in the bedroom. The rug will allow for an open and comfortable area to play and enjoy all of the toys and goodies stored in the toy storage.

Here are a few more nurseries, which you can use to inspire and ignite a few ideas for a non-gender specific nursery. Feel free to share with any of your expecting friends, don’t allow them to get stuck with a pink or blue room, it’s so 1980’s don’t ya think?

 This room is a perfect example of what I like to call a “quick change” room. To make this a bit more suitable for a boy all one would have to do is change the flamingo artwork and the pink poms poms to left of the crib.  Voila, ready for a baby boy!

The use of neutrals such as grey, white, beige and a variation of wood grains is the perfect example of a non-gender specific room.  The safari animals add a whimsical touch of nature to the space as well. 

Black, white and a pop of color, or in this case, your gender color.  You can simply change the pink ottoman and pink infused art work to a navy ottoman and a cool animal print art work above the bed for a sweet baby boy.

*I will share with you my work but in order to give you a full spectrum of different styles and options I will show you work from other designers & sites. I will always mention when it’s my work *

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