November 12, 2014


The last few months my team and I have searched high and low to put together our easy “3-Step Table Setting Guide” for you this holiday season. We found some awesome ideas on some of our favorite blogs and we couldn’t wait to share these simple yet high-impact ideas with you!


Select two-three colors for your Holiday theme. It DOES NOT have to be traditional colors /neutrals. Add pops of vibrant colors to your traditional palette for a more refreshed & bright look this Holiday Season. Below are a few great options of bright colors mixed with neutrals. 


Use an array of candles and strategically place around the dining table. Contain your Natural elements. Put branches or succulents in a vase. Place your fruit or pine cones in a shallow bowl.

Materials: Candles +Holly
A few candles in the middle of your dinning table accompanied with some holly will add an immediate festive look to your table. You can try tea light candles as well.

Materials: Branches + Squash + Pumpkins+Candles
Again you can use tea light candles or whatever you have to accompany these festive vegetables as your center piece.

Flowers +Candles
It’s a simple idea, but the difference is in your selection of flowers & foliage. Try using flowers with deep berry colors accompanied with thick deep green colored leaves. Don’t put them in a vase; spread them throughout the length of your table. This way all of your guess can experience the centerpiece while still being able to see one and other across the table.

Metallic Nature

Go metallic and create a centerpiece with gold, silver or gilver colored pieces. Pinecones, candles, branches, leaves and vegetables can give provide that unexpected glitter once purchased in the metallic form, or spray painted with metallic paint.

Here is a general guide you can use for your place setting, but it's not the only option.

Materials: Place Mat + Large Plate + Small Plate +Name Card +Napkin.

Your place mat & small plate can be the same or a similar color (but does not have to be), your large plate & napkin should be of similar color composition. Below you will find a few examples of different combinations to explore. 

Anchor your gold décor with a strong accent color like black or even red.

Use a piece of burlap between your two plates to break it up and add personality. A piece of ribbon wrapped around your cutlery will leave a lovely finishing touch. For more name card ideas see below.

Go super simple with one plate a lovely napkin placed on top, accented with cinnamon stick and some holly. You can switch it up by adding some twigs, branches or even a pine cone. For more name card ideas see below.

Placing your napkin in between your two plates is a great idea instead of putting it to right of the plate. For name card ideas see below.

Another great example of a napkin between two plates. Notice how they only used silver, off-white and taupe. Simple color combination with great impact. For more name card ideas see below.

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