November 5, 2014

6 Ways To An Organized Craft Room

As the fun goes from outdoor to indoors and Halloween to Holiday this is a great time to re organize your storage areas & craft closets.  Remember you should get rid of what you do not need first then this way you know what you have to make space & storage for.

1.  Create The Room
Find an area, an existing area in your home, closet, armoire, garage, or a great desk and a good pegboard. Just remember don’t think about more space in your home; think about what you can do with what you already have.

 2. Boxes
plastic, tin or paper boxes are great for concealing many small items, and keeping an overall clean and organized look.

3.    Ribbons & Wrapping
You will definitely need a space for this. Rods or baskets are great for keeping your wrapping paper in in order and easy to get to when you need it.

4.    Tools
 An area for your scissors, ribbon cutter, safety pins etc. is very important. A metallic strip is a very good idea for your metal tools!


5.    Flat Storage
 All of your flat paper goods, such as your books, cards, and gift bags need a definite home. Having an established area for these pieces will ensure your craft area is established.

6.    Surface
Having a great surface area is important and well needed when it’s time to start wrapping, bagging & writing. No need for anything too big, but enough space to enable you to beautify your gifts before you head out!

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