October 26, 2014

How To Create A Color Palette From A Piece Of Art Or A Logo

So one of my projects is the commercial space of Rock With U, and Entertainment Company Out Of Ft. Lauderdale Fl. They specialize in doing a lot of event happenings, working with celebrities and rocking people out to wee hours in the morning. I had to ensure that was captured in the color palette & design concept. 

*A good method for this:  If the main color is blue and is used for 80% of the picture, see what the next largest use of color is and so on. You can get as many as four colors out of a picture to use as your color scheme. You will also be able to figure out what other complimentary pieces of art you can use by figuring this out.
This doesn't work on every piece of art or logo, se below to see how you can create a color scheme from almost ANY piece of art or logo. 

This is their logo. It’s equivalent to a piece of art, which has a myriad of awesome colors. Here I pulled all the colors out.  Then started to take out the colors I don’t care for. I kept the colors, which not only coordinate well together but the colors which will help to evoke to feeling & emotion of the companies image and brand.

Below we have the end of result of what was mentioned before. Here are the initial set of colors I liked, then I thought to myself, what would it look like if I added a little gold, green and black.

Here we see what it looks like with the gold, green & black. Not bad, not amazing but a good starting place. So how does the manifest into real life? How does this look once translated into, fabrics, texture, metals, furniture, woods etc? {See below}

Below you will see the above colors translated into furniture, fabrics, metals & texture. This is a hodgepodge of what their commercial space will look like. If you are doing a room in your home, to avoid that “matchy matchy” look. Take one of these guides with you when you go shopping for that room. You just need to remember the different elements in the room. They can appear as if they have nothing to do with ne and other but when the room is complete, you will see that wow factor.

Want to see the above color guide translated into real life? Here you go. Here a few items that have been purchased and some work that has been done in the space thus far. You will see the color elements coming together to create the above color elements come together in the space.



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