October 8, 2014


So I must be honest, I am not too familiar with Naya RIvera’s career. I know she was or is on Glee, but I became more intrigued by her in a wedding dress. If a person’s fashion intrigues me, it makes me curious as to what their home looks like. So I checked out her home, and I must say she has some cool design elements I wanted to share with you.

Wrought iron accents provide both a rustic feel, while also helping to anchor a room. Naya has a lovely Wrought Iron Chandelier in her living room. It not only serves as a rustic element but has a traditional feel which gives off an element of sophistication in this casual yet refined living room.

Her dark furniture presents a large element of contrast against her light soft grey color walls. I am very big on contrast in my designs. I love to use contrast to achieve drama and scale. This is exactly what was achieved in her dinning room, and it’s an easy concept to achieve and a great canvas to have when accessorizing a room.

Industrial lighting is one of my all time favorites! I am absolutely in love with the myriad of styles, which are available for my design projects.
I find industrial lighting to me so much fun and sassy in a room. Almost like that edgy bracelet and earrings you wear with your blazer and jeans.

Oh, how I love tufted furniture. And the fact that her desk is tufted on the side is just so charming. What a nice unexpected surprise.  Now you see tufting is not just for couches and headboards!

You don’t have to limit a gallery wall for your living room or dinning room. Put it in the room you begin and end you day in. do a mixture of your loved ones, and your favorite places, animals and/or things.

Which one of these 5 décor ideas do you want me to not only elaborate on but share some great examples and options of? Let me know in the comment section below and I will put a blog post together just for you! Looking forward to hearing about your favorite décor ideas! 

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