October 22, 2014

Chic Halloween Decor 101

Yes folks, it’s been a while. I have been slammed working on some awesome projects, and I actually write my own blog. {yes,  I do! } With that said, I promise my post within the next week will be some cool images and updates of my projects.  But, today I want to share with you the guide to awesome Halloween décor that is not too thematic and cheesy. Instead I have a guide to awesome chic Halloween décor elements you can add to almost any décor to give a eerie, creepy Halloween feel while staying as chic and fabulous as you are.

Animals & Figures
So these black owls are such a great addition to your current décor because they serve the purpose of being a bit creepy for Halloween, yet they are black, which goes with almost any décor. A few of these places on the dinning table, console table, or even and end table can add that Halloween creepiness. BTW: Don’t limit yourself to an owl, you can use almost and “creepy” black animal. so a black cat, black spider, or even a black or gray wolf, {preferably a howling one} would work best.

Place Mats

These animal print imprinted place mats are just lovely for Halloween and guess what, if you use black or silver they can also be used for the Holidays as well as Valentines Day.


Black or gold lanterns are must haves for almost any occasion. I love using lanterns during the summer in my backyard or on the front porch / entryway of my home.

Candle Holders

These gold in these candle holders provide a bit of glam, but of course the snake give us a dash of creepy Halloween.

Drinks Anyone?

I fell in love with these glasses when I saw them for a few reasons. 1. The gold rim really caught my eye. 2. Your guest experience an awesome surprise when they complete their cocktail. Again, you don’t need to use these exact glasses, but black and gold glasses seem to be a trend in home décor right now, and they work very well with Halloween.

*DIY TIP: If you can’t find glasses like this you can simply get Halloween decals and put at the outside bottom of a glass. {Ensure it's a clear glass bottom} It will have the same effect and you can switch out the decals for different holidays and occasions.

Time To Eat
Find dinnerware, which are two-toned with solid colors.{i.e. black & white, black & purple etc} Try to use dinnerware, which are in line with you Halloween theme and home décor. Remember the common Halloween colors vary from hunter green oxblood red, eggplant purple to pumpkin orange. A simple black white& gold can also do the trick.  These plates are great because again, they can be used for both the upcoming Holidays and Valentines Day!

We are featuring Halloween Décor of the viewers in an upcoming blog post. So as you all enjoy the upcoming Halloween celebrations take photos of Chic Halloween Décor, and e-mail them to with us so we can feature them on our blog.

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