September 2, 2015


 I was working on this commercial space last year and I put so much time in to making sure the creative concept was very unpredictable. I knew I couldn’t have the usual male/female bathroom signs. So I came up with a cool idea for the bathroom doors for that project. But first I want to show you the other super cool 7 commercial bathrooms that caught the eye of my team and I. 

I really like the fact that the signs are on the interior of the doorframe  {not the door itself} in a pronounced metal sign. It also allows for an easier way for patrons to find the bathroom.

 Instead of using 1 male/female symbol on the bathroom door,  they created a large collage of the male/female symbol with a variety of smaller male/female symbols. It’s a funky spin on a traditional concept.

 This Mermaid & Pirate bathroom sign is so clever. I’m not sure the location of this bathroom, but would make a lot of sense at a marine dock, or a sea aquarium.

 Since these bathroom doors are right next to each other it was pretty resourceful of them to make 1 body and split it in half with female/male on each side. I also like how the interior paint is the same color as the painted symbol on the front door.

 A photo collage of males & females is pretty simple and to the point.  It made me think how this would be a great idea for a day care, pre-school, OBGYN office as well. Parents & children would love to see their kids face displayed on a cork board/bathroom door.  

 The male/female symbol on these doors caught my eye because not only are the life size, but they are also very geometric in style & shape. I like how they created broad  & wide shoulders for the male, and a slender body/dress for the female. Simple, stylish and easily understood.

For my commitment phoebes {don’t worry, I’m one of them too} when I saw this I thought to myself, why not paint the bathroom doors with chalkboard paint and you can draw the male/female symbol of your liking and change it up week by week. You can try out many all of the examples above, the mermaid & pirate, the geometric symbols & the split body male/female symbols. You can change up the colors as well. Great option if you love variety.

This is the bathroom of the commercial project I mentioned earlier. I thought using the male/female chromosome would not only be unpredicted but it’s also a pop quiz & conversation starter. You'd e surprised to find out how many people don't know which bathroom is for them. These bathrooms are single use only, so if someone makes a mistake, it’s not the biggest deal in the world. 

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