November 19, 2014

8 Design Rules I Learned From Ellen Degeneres

So, I was flipping though AD {Architectural Digest} and I fell in love with a few of the cool elements in the House of Ellen D. & Portia. I know it was old issue, but who cares good design is timeless. Anyhow, a bunch of ideas started running through my head and I started planning and implementing some of these ideas in my design plans for my current projects. It’s funny how inspiration is ever where and when we stop, look & pay attention there is truly so much to learn. I broke down what I liked and how the everyday {yet fabulous} person can implement these ideas in their home.

This is the first area your guest sees when they come in, so draw their eye up with an awesome light fixture. Worried your entryway isn’t as big as Ellen’s? Who cares, this is the one time, size doesn’t matter {wink}. Just ensure the size of your light fixture is complimentary to the size of your entryway.

Find creative ways to store your firewood. They’re so many lovely furniture pieces now, which you can buy to store your firewood in a creative way. Take advantage of it. Store that wood pretty!

 I am assuming if you are reading my blog you don’t use furniture sets. {Such a think of the past} Whether you do or you don’t you are in the right place. So I never advocate using/purchasing furniture sets. Instead mix and match furniture pieces. It would give you a better end result, and to get a similar look to Ellen’s living room, try doing a mix/match of different styles of furniture. Her sleek couches work well with her early 1900’s chairs.

Slipcovers for chairs are an awesome way to change the color of your seating not to mention the BEST way to take care of accidents and mishaps, which may come from pets & children. I am not the biggest fan of slip covers, but as long as the couch comes with a customized slip cover which fits like a glove, I’m all for it. The one size fits all slipcovers, which are supposed to fit many different couches don’t really work out well.  

When we think of a "built-ins" we often think of doing the entire wall. The question is whyyyyyy??? Why do you have to do the ENTIRE wall? Because no one is thinking out of the box here, and that’s where I come in. So here is a concept for you. Do a partial built-in bookcase in the guest room, the bathroom, play room or even the babies nursery. Leave the rest of the wall for some awesome art, a lovely armoire, a gorgeous vanity or simply as a gallery wall.

So you have this “FORMAL” area in your home. You imagine Thanksgiving Gatherings, Easter Brunch and Passover Celebrations being served there. Add a splash of fun, add a splash of you, who you are, what you like, and what represents your personality. Sketch art is so fun because it free, loose, but obviously such a strong and true form of art. If you don’t like sketch art, that’s cool. Use a different form of cool fun art in a formal area of your home as a surprise element. Not just for your guest, but for you as well.  It’s like wearing a formal black cocktail dress, with wonder woman underwear underneath. It’s unexpected yet it’s expected, as it’s another part of who you are.

Islands are high commodities in a kitchen. Everyone LOVES having an island, but have you noticed not too many people take advantage of the free space above the island? Well remember to use it. Ellen’s choice of a hanging glass enclosure is awesome as it provides the storage without feeling to heavy and visually blocking above the island. Just remember to use the area above the island for a bit more of that unexpected dynamic culinary feel.

Putting a stool at the end of your dinning table serves as a pretty awesome way to provide seating for more in a very not so obvious way. It’s like a little surprise at the end of the table, which is only used when it’s needed. So if you don’t have guest for the end of the table you don’t have a big empty chair not being used taking up room,  win win for you & the table. 

 To see the Architectural Digest article click HERE!

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