August 5, 2015


I was working on a commercial project for an awesome company called Rock With U Entertainment. They are an entertainment company located in Miami, they provide amazing entertainment and music for formal & corporate events. It’s kind of hard to explain the company, as they are more of an experience. Soon as you go to their site you will completely understand what they do and how awesome they are.

Anyhow, getting back on track, I am sharing so many of the awesome nuggets from that project. Ok so there was an area of the wall where I felt like something was missing! Since it’s an entertainment company they had a lot of records, which were not being used. {I think many were already scratched and purposeless, don’t flip out music fanatics!} I apologize in advance for not have great images of each step. Many times during my projects I am have so many things on my mind. Outside of completing the project and ensuring my client is happy I also have the creative voices constantly speaking to me telling me all the things I need to do and try. I apologize in advance. In the meantime here is a breakdown of how you can go about creating a “Tic-Tac-Toe Wall” with some old records.


X & O
  • 9 Records
  • 2 Different Bottles Of Spray Paint {1 for "X" & 1 for "O" }
  • Painters Tape { I highly recommend Gorilla Tape approx. 1-2 inches in width}
  • 1 pack double sided velcro

Tic-Tac-Toe Board
  • A 1/4 pint of paint
  • Medium size painter’s brush
  • Painters tape { I highly recommend Gorilla Tape approx. 1-2 inches in width}


Step 1
Spray paint all of your “O” records in their color.

Step 2
Spray all of your “X” records in their color.

Step 3
While your records are drying start to measure & tape the area for your “Tic-Tac-Toe Board” The width of my “Tic Tac Toe Board” was about 2-inches. You can make it thicker depending on the area as well as the impact you want it to give. Measure your records and allow for approximately 2-3 inches of space around the records.

Step 4
Take your “X” records and use the tape to create and “X” on the record. Once you do that spray over the record using the spray paint color of the  “O” records.

Step 5
While that is drying you can do a second coat for the “Tic Tac Toe Board”, after doing your second or final coat remove the tape. Your paint lines will be cleaner if you remove the tape before the paint dries.

Step 6
I used double-sided velcro to put the records on the wall. This allows for the records to actually be moved and used for a proper game of Tic Tac Toe. 

Here is a look of the Tic-Tac Toe Wall from both ends of the hallway. 

 I hope you found this step by step guide helpful in repurposing records and creating a statement on a bare wall. If I a missing a few details and you want to know further information about my process you can always drop me a line in the comment section below. 

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