August 19, 2015


I am going to share with a project I did where we re-upholstered the an old Queen Anne Chair, gave it a face lift and plugged it in with a new updated transitional living room. My client received a pair of these chairs from her parents who are no longer living. She grew up with these chairs in her home since she was a little girl and it was VERY important to her that they were used in the new design concept.

I knew I had to do something amazing with the chair. 
My idea was to give it a fresh look, while maintaining the integrity of the piece. 
Based on the design plan I put together we decided to make the chair a sharp white color, and redo the cushions with a lovely aqua microfiber fabric. Since microfiber is so durable I knew it would last the test of time.

I had my upholsterer keep the same placement and number of tufts.
I paired them together and added a lovely gold 
accent table in between to add a glamour effect.

I used an orange/salmon color ottoman as a coffee table to give
 a pop of color and shake up the smooth color palette a bit.

Parallel to the Queen Anne chair is a classic style sofa which 
I used a few funky accent pillows to give it a bit of pizazz and flare.

My clients is very happy with the results and she was amazed with how we were able to update the chairs, give it some flare and incorporate them in our revised transitional design concept.  

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