August 26, 2015


I’m so excited to share with you 12 awesome ways to decorate with faux grass. {One of which is a commercial project of mine in Miami} Now that summer is coming to an end why not extend it by adding grass on your wall, ceiling or floor? Who said grass was only for outside?

I love this faux grass rug, it’s a great way to get a natural and serene 
feeling in your dinning area minus the insects and itchiness.

 By Lindsey Coral Harper

This faux grass/astroturf inset flanking the fireplace adds a lovely natural feel, which is very unexpected for a living area but is nicely accompanied by the fire once the fireplace is on. Earth, Wind & Fire? 
Ok, maybe more like grass & fire, but I had to try right?

 Via Apartment Therapy

Nature really is calling in this bathroom. The wood forest wallpaper finished off 
by the faux grass rug, is an unexpected surprise in this small cozy powder room.  

 Via The Design Chaser

This faux grass rug in this lofty commercial space helps to ground the working areas and plays to the softer side of nature when combined with the smooth concrete floors and beautiful exposed brick walls.

Via Lushome
This grass rug under this bunk bed is super cute and gives an 
outdoor-sy campy feel to this lofty bunk bed.

 Via R. H. Carter Architects Inc. Houzz Page
The grass cut outs along this staircase is AH-MA-ZING! My heart stopped for about 2 minutes when I first stumbled upon this photo. Ok, maybe more like 30 seconds, ok, it never stopped but it felt like it did. The combination of the espresso colored wood stairs, the black & white photo of the horse with the glass see through stair rail really create a more than complimentary combination. To see more of this project click the link and take a look, it’s some cool stuff!

Via Curbed

This wall has an ivy moss feel to it, as if it naturally grew on a stone or brick wall. The portal hole/round window at the top is a nice unexpected surprise to the room.

Via Homedit

This luscious greenery on this wall with this highly textured wood wall is gorgeous. The lighting really helps to highlight certain areas of the greenery and the shadows created by the light leaves a shade of mystery. Great concept to implement in an outdoor area or commercial space.

Via the Contemporist

I like this mossy/grassy inset in this commercial space over the 
eating area. The white letters sunken into the moss is eye 
catching and gives a flare to the space.  

Via Decoist

This greenery is gorgeous and gives LIFE to the stair case which 
and open waiting area in this commercial space. The lighting is 
lovely as well but the  unexpected combination of the grass, 
staircase and sitting area lends itself to be an instantaneous 
focal point.

 Via Archdaily

This wall of greenery is unlike the others as it has a lovely 
combination of foliage, moss, grass, and a myriad of 
other foliage. This gorgeous wall of greenery is separated 
and held in by rectangle boxes which allow the greenery 
to embody a boxed pattern.

This ceiling of grass & moss lends an unexpected feel of nature above 
your head instead of below your feet. The fusion of cement floor, wood 
paneling wall paper and pops of sharp electrifying color 
gives the room much personality to discover and unfold. 

Listen, as the summer is coming to an end and you approach 
the holidays which are accompanied by winter blues so bring 
in a bit of greenery & nature in your home & workspace this fall/winter. 

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