January 28, 2015



It is important to understand which hue of white you want to use.  White absorbs and reflects color so it’s important to know which white you are actually getting in bed with so to speak. If you are working with a design professional they will be able to guide & select which white would be best for your design needs and usage of the space. Not working with a design professional? No worries, I have something that can help you. Below you will see a great “white paint” color guide to help when trying to decide on which white is right for YOU!  


Photo Galleries have been all the rage lately, and here are a few reasons.  
1. It’s a great way to display family photos, painting & art works. 
2. Awesome frames is another reason people have started playing around with the ideas of gallery walls. 
3. Flexibility of COURSE! The ability to add & remove new art as needed is another reason why white walls are being accented with gallery style photos and art.
Mix & match. Play with patterns, the possibilities are endless. 

Soften up your walls with a tapestry piece. Try a lovely ethnic piece from South East Asia or West Africa. Or you can get a lovely hand woven piece from the mountains of Peru. Tapestry is a great way to share memories from a trip or hand woven pieceS of art. They are great above a bed for the purpose of a headboard wall.

Of course decals allow you creative control as well as guest what? The ability to change up your look 6mnths down the line if you get the redecorating buzz . Geometric decals can give you a similar feel & vibe as wallpaper without the major commitment. When I use decals on a project I have my assistant draw up a sketch or rendering to show my client what the room/wall will look like once the decal application is complete. If you are tacking on this project yourself here is my professional advice. Take a fraction of your wall and play around with the lay out using either 3,6,9 or 12 inch increments.

Via House of Smiths 


Neon Walls Signs are so much fun. The best thing about them is they really are the star of the show on a freshly painted white wall. { of course it doesn’t have to be FRESHLY painted, but ya know. It sounds great doesn’t it? } I gathered a few of my favorite neon signs to give you a few awesome ideas. Oh, and I’m sure you have already put 2+2 together and realized they are A-MAZING for commercial spaces. Restaurants, boutiques, nail salons & commercial offices alike.

Via Sarah Sarna

Now you know exactly how and why you should appreciate your white walls and how to make them come alive right before your eyes. If you feel over whelmed and confused here are two options. 
1. Leave me a comment in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer your questions to the best of my ability. 
2. Take a look at my portfolio, and let me take over the over whelming part and do the thinking for you. 


  1. Great blog! Love a white canvas background to layer on the bold and fabulous!

  2. White walls are perfect for gallery walls!

  3. Great ideas! Hard to pick my favorite!

  4. Great post. I dream of a white bedroom with a blue ceiling. I'm truly inspired by your blog!

  5. I think white is the hardest "color" to work with. You gave great suggestions on how to personalize the "white box."

  6. White is definitely hard to work with. These examples are all so fabulous! I love the decals and the gallery walls a lot.