January 7, 2015

5 De-Cluttering Rules To Get Organized In 2015

This is just a quick guide, which you and your family can use in order to start the process of de-cluttering your home. You can give this guide to other family members so they can go through their bedrooms, closets, & cluttered areas in order to start the deep cleaning & organizing process.


There is no point in keeping it if it doesn't fit, it's taking up room of the NEW clothing that will fit you fabulously. Trying to loose weight and you want to keep a few “inspiration pieces”? A few pieces you will try to fit into within the next 60 days? Ok here is what you do. Keep the pieces that are still fashionable, and create a home for it. A section of the closet a box or a storage container. Create a label which says, “must fit by (insert date)”. Place that date on your calendar, send yourself a reminder on your phone etc. This was you have a plan & your plans are connected to each other, they depend on each other but most importantly they depend on YOU!

If you are looking for a healthier way of living and sliming down 
Kris Karr is awesome and has a few great tips and ideas.


Don't let your paper clutter take over your living space. Get it under control before it controls you. Start with getting paperless bills, updates and even some magazines online. Get rid of the paper items you don't need, then create files & a home for the papers that do exist.


Unless you have a direct plan to re-purpose it, let it go! You haven't fixed it thus far, so you probably wont. Again, this is taking up room in your home, which could be used for something new!


I know you want to keep it because it was a gift, but simply re-purpose it and give it to someone else who can make good use of it. There is no point in having something in your which you are not using, or which is NOT adding value to your home!


You really only need 1 don't you? "In case" will more than likely not happen, and if it does at that point you can get another. Keeping multiple of things is one of the beginning habits to becoming a hoarder.

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