January 21, 2015


My commercial project in Miami allowed me to implement some pretty awesome design concepts. During our initial meeting we started to discuss a few ideas & concepts. My client mentioned how they would like to create pianos with their 2 staircases & let’s just say I was more than happy and excited to execute this plan! This blog post is a visual breakdown of the process. Hopefully you get inspired!

This is the photo my client sent me to share his piano stairs concept & desires. I thought this was just beautiful and the natural eroding of the paint due to weather & traffic was amazing to me. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was going for a cleaner look in my clients commercial space, below you will see the rendering and the rest of this magical musical journey.

This is a quick sketch up we used to get an idea of how the stairs would look.

This is the 2nd rendering we did which is  a lot more realistic to what we expect in the end result.

So lets get to the actual stairs, this is a view of the entry staircase of the office space from the top. As you can see the stairs are short in length and it’s a collection of 14 stairs.

Here is a look from the bottom of the stairs. We have the metal corners which are on the edge of each stair and removing that and creating an even landscape was of top priority.

We had our carpenter {who is very talented by the way} put plywood over the stairs to make it even and smooth not just for aesthetic purposes but for safety as well. Last thing we need is someone falling down the stairs making music with the sound of their bones tumbling down the stairs lol.

Once the plywood was laid down to provide and even surface the carpenter then filled the un-even and spaced area within the plywood, sanded it down then and primed the stairs. After the stairs were primed, he then put about 2-3 layers of white paint on the stairs which took about two days as we had to allow for the paint to dry between each coat of primer & paint. These stairs were done a few months back and I have to look in the client file to find the actual name of the white paint we used, but it is a Behr paint, which is a Home Depot brand.

Ta-Da! This here is the completed look of the piano stairs. I wanted the stairs to resemble piano keys as closely as possible. The black keys on pianos are approx. ¾ the size of the white keys but when designing the stairs I wanted the black keys to be more like 2/3 the size of the white keys because it thought it would look better, and I'm very happy with the end result. 

 If you love this post and would also like to follow more of the design journey of this commercial project, check out the post below.

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