June 17, 2015


I’ve been trying so hard to get my living space under control. As a designer with a home office, I find it so difficult for me to keep my home not looking like a factory and storage of home furnishings and ideas. I have catalogues pilled up in one area, client samples in another not to mention the abundance of client merchandise & products in another area. What also makes it difficult for me to keep things under control is the fact that as a designer I have all the options available to me, so it becomes hard to commit to a specific product or design choice.

I thought if I had a guide, like an accountability partner it would make this process easier for me to actually see some momentum on my organizing journey! I didn’t want to keep all of the info for myself so I decided to share it with my blogging community. I figured if we all join this journey together it could assist us with staying committed to actually executing our organizing goals.

The best part about this organizing challenge is an Interior Designer named Whitney J is executing it.  An Interior Designer based in New Orleans, her home was just featured on Apartment Therapy & she knows the struggle of a homeowners ability to keep their place organized. She definitely knows the struggle of designers trying to keep it together on a daily basis. 

It's a 10-day challenge and although Rome wasn't built in a day or even 10 days, it's definitely a jump start I need towards getting my home & work space organized. July 1st 2015 is the kick off date, who said spring cleaning could only be done in SPRING?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect each day:
o  You’ll receive an email with your assignment of the day, along with a link to the blog post of the day.
o  You’ll get to browse through the organizing tips and links for each day to come up with a plan that works in your home.
o  You’ll work on your assignment and post photos to your social media sites (twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) and tag #10DaysOH.
o   You’ll automatically be entered to win a FREE GIFT!  <----- {That's almost my favorite part}


o   Joining the private Facebook Décor& DIY Group allowing you to be apart of a new like-minded community sharing new ideas and décor tips.
o   Starting your organizing journey with a group & design professional, which serves as “Accountability Partner”
o   The best part is receiving organizing and design tips from a design professional for NO cost at all! {you can’t beat that}
o   If you miss anything you will get an e-mail

Trying to get organized in other ways? 
Here are a few blog post which may help you out!

This is for the couple who just can't seem to figure out
 how to combine their style & love for home decor.

This should help get you started and 
possibly jump start the de-cluttering bug!

This is  post includes a FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE & video to 
help you get that designer styled look for your coffee table.

You are all set for this awesome 10-Day journey towards a more organized home! Looking forward to undertaking this pilgrimage together! The fun doesn't have to stop here, take a look at my PORTFOLIO & learn more about my new decor service for couples the BONNIE & CLYDE DECOR BLUEPRINT. 
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