June 24, 2015


As an Interior Stylist with 10 years experience I have learned to understand how a person’s home says a lot about who they are. Bachelors tend to be one of my best clients as they have a good idea of what they want, very rarely indecisive & they are very aware they DON’T know what they are doing. {Allowing me to truly do my job without interruptions}  Now combine that with my dating experience: I have also learned an immense amount about MEN specifically, due to being single during my entire 20s {and still during my early 30’s}. Both my professional life and dating career have taught me so much about men, their space, how they like to enjoy it and inevitably what is says about who they are. Get ready ladies; get ready for some insight into understanding a man through understanding how he likes to entertain himself. It's summer time, and love is in the air. So as you are dating & being courted this summer,I have some tips to help you better understand your new love interest. 

Ladies, this is where size DOES matter. I’ll break down what I consider the obvious, but it may not be SO obvious for the untrained eye. Television & entertainment plays different roles in each of our lives and the existence of TV, its stature & accessories can be a reflection of a man, what a man likes & how he spends his time. I have dated all four types of the MEN listed below, so you are getting my professional advice mixed with my first hand experience.

So the living room with NO television. This is a man who is either not home often or who rather spends his time doing other activities such as outdoor activities, bike riding, swimming, hiking etc. or he might simply find more enjoyment in other activities such as reading or working. 

1. Men like this usually feel fulfilled when they spend time filling their hours with activities, which leave them feeling a level of accomplishment once completed. 

2.The NO TV MAN probably has an awesome collection of books as well. His book collection is probably extensive and more than likely highlights or reflects the many stages of his life.   

3. These men are also known for having great music collections, which leads to great musical taste. Since they don’t rely on visual stimulation they heavily rely and highly enjoy sonic stimulation. This guy usually has a soundtrack of music for every occasion & knows what to play to create awesome ambiance.   In their mind, they rather spend their free time learning, growing and striving for achievements accompanied by a sound track, which reflects & compliments their existing mood & vibe. 

4. He may also travel often, either for work, leisure or a combination of both. As we all know, we have entered the age of working remotely from any location. Allowing for travel & exploration on the go!

All in all the "NO TV MAN" has an awesome collection of books, music, art or outdoor hobbies. He knows how to keep you entertained by interaction or simply veg’ing out together.  

Do not let the header fool you, this is no average man at all, it’s just his TV, which is average. This is the type of man who enjoys having the option of occasional television watching; in fact at times he forgets he even has one.
He simply owns a television for two reasons:

1. Occasional TV/movie watching
2. Occasional Guest

He’s probably the type of guy who likes the television on MSNBC in the morning, as he’s getting ready for work. Or, he likes the ability to partake in occasional cultural events such as: The Oscars, Super Bowl, NBA Championship & who doesn’t like good ol’ fashioned documentaries. {Dateline really does have some great stories, which are quite riveting} Back to the subject at hand, so the sexy bachelor with the “average television” isn’t average at all, he l{like the “NO TV MAN” above } enjoys spending his free time with activities leaving him feeling accomplished, yet he does like to stay connected to major events while ensuring his guest have the option of visual entertainment. 

{Without highly sophisticated electrical set up }

This type of man probably really enjoys movies, sports and entertaining, but wondering why he hasn’t done the fancy technological set up as yet? Might be one of three reasons.
  1. He probably plans on it on the near future, and simply waiting on time and availability of the product.
        2. He may not be that technologically advanced or into such an elaborate set up. He may be very simple in his taste and maybe even simple to please. {wink}

3. He may not want to commit to such an elaborate set up as he may be in a transition in his life. He may be renting and not sure if he’s going to stay, or may be planning on moving in the near future. 

This guy may not be ready to commit to a fancy technological set up for his entertainment center but that doesn't mean he not ready for a romantic commitment. Some men are waiting for a life partner to enter their lives and home, to assist with putting down roots and adding more permanent features to their home. 

This guy not only has the BIG-SCREEN TV but he also has the sophisticated technological and electrical set-up. You don’t see any wires, there is amazing surround sound and many more bells and whistles I know very little about. This guy is probably has this set-up for one or more of the below reasons.

1.    He’s very much into sports and entertainment; he’s a movie buff and/or really enjoys watching his sports games in a way, which gives one of the best LIVE experiences.

2.    He may be very technologically advanced & highly appreciates the how to technology can truly enhance the entertainment experience. If you plan on purchasing a new set of headphones, back-up hard drive or a new smart phone, this is the guy who might be able to guide you towards the right direction.

3.    He may or may not entertain a lot, he may be planning on entertaining more or he may be a social butterfly in his home, either way this guy is ready fro the super bowl or an awesome movie night at his place. 

This man probably has the personality type of go BIG or GO HOME. When he does something he likes to do it well and as well executed as possible. He may also have the personality type of seeking professionals to get the best result of certain tasks. With this type of set up, this guy just may be looking for the women to enhance his life and put the finishing touches on his home. 

Who would have thought there was so much behind the choices of a where when or how someone put together their entertainment center. You are now able to decode exactly what A MAN'S {or your man's TV} says about him. If you found this article useful, I've attached some similarly useful articles below. Don't keep all the good stuff to yourself, share this info with your girls, they deserve to understand men better as well. Fellas, did I leave something out? Do you feel under represented in this article? Well thank god for the comment section below. Let me know what I missed and what I should add. 

to the next level this summer.

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  1. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing all the great info. :)

    1. No problem Sheri, glad you found it insightful. Would love to hear from a few men as well. ;)

  2. Love this! Such a chuckle, but so right on! I love your "voice". And gorgeous example photos too!

  3. Thanks Jen! Glad you like my voice, because there is A LOT of it lol. Stay tuned as there is a lot MORE where this comes from!

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