June 3, 2015


Below is a list of great Father’s Day gift Ideas. Some are DIY and some you can simply BUY. I know everyone doesn’t have the DIY time or craftiness ability to make a gift. I found some of the best “out of the box” gift ideas that any father would love. Let’s be real about this ladies MEN are VERY simple creatures and it truly doesn’t take much to make them happy.

This is an awesome idea if you have young children. Having your children write the specific aspects of his fatherhood on this awesome printable would surely warm his heart. And MOM this is a great opportunity to acknowledge his recent accomplishments and achievements. Download your BEST DAD PRINTABLE here.

I think this is one of my favorite gift ideas. Men LOVE beer and some men love soap. {just a joke} Why not combine the two? Who ever thought of this idea is short of being a genius in my eyes. I have attached the BEER SOAP RECIPE if you would like to attempt making it {as if you aren’t busy already} as well as 2 links of where you can simply PURCHASE BEER SOAP 1PURCHASE BEER SOAP 2 . 

This is what I call killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Your husband gets a back scratch/massage and your kids are occupied for at least 15-30 min. {depending on their attention span of course}  This is a lovely way to keep everyone occupied on those days you need time to finish dinner, clean up or simply get some alone time to yourself. Get your BACK SCRATCH SHIRT PRINTABLE HERE!

What man doesn’t like BBQ?  I found 3 awesome recipes for BBQ sauce, a SWEET & TANGY BBQ SAUCE, a BEER BBQ SAUCE & last but not at all least a WHITE BBQ SAUCE which you can either make for your hubby or if you hubby enjoys food prep he’ll enjoy making the BBQ sauce him self. Either way it’s definitely a win win for all. I am very interested in feedback regarding the white BBQ sauce, if you have ever tried white BBQ sauce please tell me about it, I'm dying to know!

So last but not least is the DADDY COUPONS. Not a new idea/concept but always favorable. Who doesn’t like the ability to redeem coupons at some point in their life? Add these coupons to any one {or many} of the options above and your hubby/father of your children is sure to enjoy a lovely Father’s Day.

You are officially set for Father’s Day , we still have some time left until the big day so hit me up with questions, comments and concerns. And listen if you want to suggest/add/contribute more information feel free to do all of that in the comment section below.

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