July 15, 2015


Everyone is trying to bring nature inside; I've come up with a better idea. Why don’t we take our lives to the outdoors? Create a staycation. Why don’t we jump into nature and truly take advantage of the summer. Plan an outdoor spa day on a Wednesday after you have come home from work or on Sunday right before you start your workweek. Call up your friends, grab a pen and start taking notes as this post has the 8 Essentials you will need to create a natural and organic outdoor spa day.

Note* Treat your spa day like a potluck dinner. Have each guest/attendee bring something off of the list I have provided for you below.

Send your friends the link including the outdoor spa day essential they will be responsible for. After all, you don't want to work yourself up while trying to unwind and create a relaxing home spa retreat. 

You want to create an area where you will relax, engage & enjoy your spa treatments. Since the main objective is creating an Outdoor Spa then why not take advantage of the outdoor natural elements. If you want to relax on a lounge chair, that’s always a good option, but if you want to mix it up why not try laying a blanket on the grass and allow that to serve as your spa bed. This is a great way to connect with the ground/earth and truly connect with Mother Nature. Grounding & earthing is a great way to reconnect with the earth to reboot and energize yourself.  I recently read an awesome article about grounding. If you've never heard of grounding you are in for a treat. For more on grounding that click HERE. You can also try a hammock, nothing beats enjoying the gravites pull when lying in a hammock. Which ever you choose, try to really take advantage of the summer outdoors.

A stoned surface can serve as both a wash station as well as a lovely surface to help release pressure at the bottom of your feet. I found these two awesome examples to create either and both include DIY instructions.
~ Enjoy
I found this via {CARLA ASTON DESIGN} click HERE for the DIY instructions.

I found this via {lifehacker} click HERE for the DIY instructions.

This Lemon Foot Scrub is so refreshing and very much needed to remove the dry skin from your feet. It involves 3 ingredients and it’s such a lovely quick way to revitalize those lovely feet & toes. I’ve  included a few other foot scrub & foot soaks below.  

This Avocado Face Mask is a lovely revitalizing option for the harsh summer sun. It’s a lovely way to revitalize your pores and replenish moisture for that youthful look & feel. I’ve  included a few other face masks options below. 

We all know beauty is from the inside out, so as you are replenishing your outside why not work on the inside as well. Here are a few lovely recipes for fruit infused water to help cleanse you from within.

Just because you are outside soaking up the outdoors & sun doesn’t mean there is no use for candles. During your outdoor spa you need candles for 2 reasons, 1. for lovely aromas & 2. to keep the bugs & insects away.  I have included instructions to make a herb & fruit infused floating candle to shoo away the bugs while retaining a lovely aroma.  
I found this via {POPSUGAR} click HERE for the DIY instructions.

As you are outside enjoying the sun, wind & heat why not have a face mist handy. Use a mist to cool you down when the heat is getting to you. While your facemask is on you can spray a bit of the mist on the rest of your body and when you wash off your face mask go ahead and spray the mist on your face about 5 minutes after removing your face mask. I found it to be the perfect finishing touch. I found 3 amazing recipes via DESIGN LOVE FEST and it includes printable labels as well. 
{who doesn't love a great printable?}
I found this via {DESIGN LOVE FEST } click HERE for the DIY instructions.

Last but definitely NOT least is music honey! Music is the sound track to our lives. It increases endorphins and guarantee the “feel good” feeling that we are always in need of. I created a list of my favorite Pandora stations when I am relaxing, meditating or treating myself to a spa day. The songs I included are relaxing but have up-tempo rhythms. I don’t listen to the yoga & meditation music unless I am highly stressed and/or doing yoga as it makes me fall asleep. If that’s more your style no problem, but for those of you who want something a bit more up tempo, enjoy the list below. Let me know which station is your favorite and/or if you have a station  you love, please share below. 
I'm due for a new "spa-day station" in my rotation. 
{Oh! I made a rhyme}

Here are two bonus tips. Heavenly Balms is an all natural home made product by Charlene Scott  who is a wife & mother of two vivacious little boys. Her balms are made with olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.
This softening foot soak only requires 4 ingredients and helps relieve rough, cracked and dry feet. Soak for 15-20 minutes then apply the Lemon Foot Scrub to remove loose dead skin and provide moisture. 

You are ready with all the info you need to have an amazing outdoor spa day with your gal pals. Enjoy your summer, your backyard and a day of much relaxation & rejuvenation. Listen folks, we are in this together. Do you have your own spa day essentials? Fork them up! I would love to hear about your spa day essential as well as any mask & scrub recipes you may have to share. 

*Note: I have very dry feet so if you have any foot softening recipe, I'm your girl!

I am also looking for a face mask to help with dark spots as well, I heard lemon on dark spots help, but again if you have any info regarding that, I'm HERE! 

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