July 8, 2015


Three weeks ago I did a post sharing this 10 Day organizing challenge. Let, me tell you between, the 4th of July Weekend, busy work schedule mixed with some mishaps within my personal life. Let me tell you I couldn’t keep up. Truthfully I was feeling bad about it. I was feeling like OMG, I couldn’t keep up post photos & share my progress with my readers. That’s when I realized, THIS IS LIFE, and I’m not the only one going through it, so I decided to a blog post on exactly that. I said to myself, let me talk to both those whom make have been able to keep up and those who probably weren’t able to keep up. Who’s trying to be perfect here? The intention to get more organized is the foundation of this all, and as we know it’s the foundation which holds everything together.

Check this out ladies {& gents} I am sharing 3 of the organizing tasks from the last 6 days. These are the three, which I am going to be focusing on the next week. {I’ll try my best to get you guy pictures by then} I'm not going to bore your guys with a new blog post of my progress. What I'll do instead is simply post the photos of my progress in the comments below. 
Click on the images below to get directed to WHITNEY J.DECOR,the designer who is spear heading this challenge. There is where you will be able to see the details & tips to completing the challenge for all of the days thus far.

DAY 2: Kitchen Pantry

This is important for me right now as we have officially started summer and as I have been house hoping & party hoping I am realizing I need to add a few new products to my pantry which means I need to remove and clean out a few as well. 

DAY 2: The Closet

All the summer sales are approaching us and I just have to clean out what I don’t need, what I don’t wear before I can bring in the new purchases.

Day 5: The Bathroom
 I think this is the easiest of them all. After all how can you get clean in a dirty or disorganized bathroom? I started by cleaning my make-up brushes and going through old or outdated make-up I no longer wear. When I see all the beauty products I no longer use, I was overly excited to through them out to create more space & order in my beauty area.

Ok guys, so if you want to join me on this challenge and share you progress I've some up with a way we can do that with out having to bore you within yet another blog post about organizing. To get a notification when I post my progress simply write "show me what you got" in the comment section below. If you want us to serve as accountability partners simply comment on the section of your home you will be working on and when we can expect to see a photo of your progress, this way we can motivate each other during this process. If you have been following this 10-DAY HOME ORGANIZING CHALLENGE without a glitch, awesome! I would love to see your progress and hear about it as well. You are truly an inspiration to me!!! At the end of the day you are only as good as the company you keep right? So let's keep some awesome company and make some progress organizing our home! 

TYPE: Show Me what You Got! =To see my progress photos
TYPE: Working On {AREA} by {DATE} = To have us follow up and motivate you!

Let's do this folks!

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The fun doesn't have to STOP here folks. 

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