October 2, 2015


Here are a few ways to help you with what we all know as the WINTER BLUES. As the cold is upon us we need to not only protect our bodies from the cold, but we must protect our mental state from the cold and more importantly the LACK of sunlight. Contrary to popular belief studies have shown that it’s actually the lack of sunlight, which is responsible for dampening peoples spirits. So I’m going to share with you a few things to help conquer the dark days while still being able to enjoy the cold days.

Get dressed EVERYDAY! Ensure you are putting yourself together in a way, which makes you look good and feel good. I became self employed while still in college over 10 years ago and I would always get up and get dressed even when working from my apartment and my friends would ask, where are you going? Why are you fully dressed? Hair make-up and all!
I explained to them, I have to perform at my best so I ensure I am looking my best. And guess what, when you pass the mirror in the bathroom while working from home or the mirror in the drug store from running errands, that visual reminder of you looking good will also help you to feel good.

Ahhh!!! This is a good one. Make sure you follow the light. {Not in a weird near death moment} Sunlight is packed with boatloads of Vitamin D as well as other properties, which help to increase your serotonin levels. {the happy chemical in our body} So try to follow the light with your sleeping patterns. It seems like a simple concept but you’d be surprise how many don’t really understand or implement this concept. As the days become dark earlier try your hardest to go to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier and get more sunlight. A slight change in your sleeping pattern can really change the your mood and tone for the day.  

Travel is something that has been apart of my life since I was young and let me tell you TRAVEL is truly one of the bets ways to reconnect with yourself, connect with other sand more importantly break up the monotony of winter. Try to plan more than on trip some long some short and some near and some far. This is going to really help lift your spirits during those boring lagging days which seem so annoying and difficult to get through. Here are a few trip planning ideas.

1. Beach or Island destination
2. 3-5 Hour car ride away at a friend.
3. Day or weekend get away.
4. Retreat or convention.
5. Romantic stay-cation {in a place you’ve never been}

Find a few new activities to get into. Knitting, sewing, cooking classes, painting classes, bird watching, volunteering with animals or children; I mean the list goes on and on. But try to figure out a new skill you want to learn, or another way you would like to spend some of your free time.  Volunteering is a great idea because you get to lend yourself to people who not only need your help, but it’s a great way to put life back into perspective particularly during these dark winter months. Maybe you have friends, co-workers or children who are into a new hobby and you may want to kill two birds with one stone, by spending time with friends while learning a new hobby/activity!

Ok so me being a creative professional hippie I have my feelings about the word “SCHEDULE”. I can’t stand monotony and the idea of it makes me a bit frustrated and annoyed but a schedule doesn’t have to mean monotony. For me it simply means I have a road map for my day. I’ve found that after as you complete each task on your schedule you tend to feel more and more accomplished through out your day, which will increase your spirits. Now imagine the accumulation of this “SCHEDULING TIP” over a few days and weeks. It will only get better from there!

Yoga as we know is good for our physical and mental health for SO MANY reasons. But check it out, you don’t HAVE To become a Yogi in order for Yoga to help your happiness during these dark winter months. So this is what you should do. If you DO NOT do yoga simply look into a few poses to do in the morning and before bed. If you have a moderate experience with Yoga then try to a lot 30 minutes a day or take a class once a week or so to increase your yoga abilities. If you have already incorporated Yoga into your weekly routine, guess what? Turn that sh*t up a notch! Push yourself and challenge yourself to accomplish new poses and maybe you can even try to have fun Yoga parties at your home and guide your friends through the winter blues with your awesome yoga moves!

I’m not a big breakfast fan. Especially during the week. But you know what? It’s important to have breakfast especially during these annoyingly dark winter months. I push myself by checking out fun new breakfast recipes, I play music during my morning breakfast routine, and I also try to plan breakfast Skype dates with friends and family who don’t live within my town. Especially those who live in different time zones. 

We spend so much time on the computer we can forget the joy and lovely connection pen and paper can have with our mind and soul. Let’s bring back the use of a journal. Now you don’t have to write your life’s secrets in it, but what you can do is discuss your day, your challenges accomplishments and future goals.  At the end of the week {or in the muddle, depending on how looooong and annoying your week has been} Look in your journal and check out how you have grown or what you need to work on to grow. Make notes & implementation plans. Growing pains is a REAL think, but the recognition of growth is almost ALWAYS  an accomplished and self rewarding feeling which is almost guaranteed to boost those serotonin levels.

Ok, I am a professional dancer so I know the POWER of physical movement so let me explain how important this is.
Your body IS NOT supposed to be sedentary. So you should try to get it moving as much as possible or as much as you desire. Yoga is awesome, as I MENTIONED ABOVE, but you should also try to get in some nice cardio. I know the gym can SUCK! {Who wants to run on a treadmill?} But what you do is take a some classes; pole dancing, Zumba or even try some of those fun cross fit stuff everyone is doing now. Either way just try to get that blood flow going increase your heart rate and get your butt moving and grooving. Connecting your body with music will make you feel awesome, hello that’s why we all love going to the disco and dancing non stop till the lights come on. Your body feels free and liberated when you pair it with music, so get the pairing and start moving.

Listen, we ALL have obligations with our careers, deadlines, hubby’s and adorable children. But listen the power of connecting with other women or men who you have great memories with, who are going through the same amount of stress and responsibility like you can be liberating. Don’t underestimate a few leisure hours with your friends. It’s also a great time to discuss the ideas of planning trips together, sharing hobbies, journaling and possibly setting new goals and challenges for these annoying dark winter months. 

Keep winter blues out of your home:


If you have any great links, videos, or recipes related to any of my above suggestions, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below.  Stay warm and avoid the BLUES. 

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