October 28, 2015


Back to Nairobi Kenya for this job! Kenya is a truly magical place full of some of the most beautiful animals in the world, a climate, which resembles LA, luscious greenery, and trees, which make for not only a great ecosystem, but amazing furniture as well.

Kenya has more than just an amazing aray of beautiful animals, they are also know for great trees, plants and flowers. {Especially roses, but we'll talk about during another blog post} Here is how I used they're amazing woods accompanied by great craftsmanship to create these beautiful dining chairs. 

Here are the chairs in question and I decided each chair should be different, hence the obvious individualistic style presented before you.  They are paired off in size instead of style. The two chairs, which will be going at the head of the table, are a bit taller than the two, which will be placed in the middle of the table. 
{You will see end result at the bottom} 1st Let me take you through my creative process.

 Initially I was playing around with the idea of doing the chairs in grey. After the carpenter did a few coats I realized, I didn’t like it at all. NEXT!!!

So I moved on to a high gloss white. When I saw the finish I my eyes were in heaven. It was like love at first site. Nice, clean and crisp! Just how I like it.

I was truly stumped on exactly what should be done with the seats. I figured, why not just use the same wood, which was used for the table. I was truly trying not go with a “matchy-matchy” dynamic, but the idea wouldn’t leave my head, so “matchy-matchy” it was. {you have to follow your gut when it comes to art}

 Let me tell you, I was so happy with end result! I was thrilled I went in the creative direction I did. I’m all about contrast and that’s exactly what these chairs are serving, one strong order of contrast.

As you can see above, even the seat patterns are different. So each chair does maintain it’s own personality & individuality! {thank god! who wants to be exactly alike? BORING!!} 

This set is exactly what I wanted it to be. The “matchy-matchy’ effect is broken due to each chair being a different style/design. Stay tuned for more related to this project and don't forget, STYLE your life, STARTING with your HOME!

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  1. Love the project! I have family that go on missions trips every year to build houses! I have to share your work for them use this idea!!

  2. Yes, Elisa you should. What countries? They should find locals who have great craftsmanship or an interest and commission them to do some jobs. Support local artisans, that's going to really help they're future.