November 4, 2015


As we are approaching the holiday season I wanted to start sharing creative holiday gift ideas. I have purchased a pencil drawing from Charlotte Keelan of myself and I'm excited to see the end result. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of other work. Today I’ll be sharing one of my blogs 1st Artist Interview. Charlotte Keelan is a mother of two, schoolteacher and artist based in London England. She’s been commissioned to do personal pencil drawings by mother, grandparents, husbands, & pet owners alike. Here working Mom’s story.


My passion for drawing was re-kindled about two years ago following a chance conversation at the school gates.  My friend wanted a pencil drawing of her son, as a special Christmas gift for his grandmother. 

This resulted in other people commissioning portraits of their babies, children, pets and family groups. I set aside any spare time I could – as a busy working mum – to indulge my love of drawing. 

I also love animals and have memories of cats and dogs always being part of our family as I grew up.  I played with them, cared for them and of course observed them.  Watching their behavior and humorous antics continues to provide endless inspiration. 

From portraits of children it has seemed a natural progression for me to draw the animals I love – specifically cats, dogs and horses.

After hearing all of that I wanted to learn more about charlotte’s process, what motivates her while understanding the mind of an artist. Here is our interview…

Do you recall which age you started drawing and sketching?
My interest began at school when I took GCSE Art.
Which type of art inspires you the most?
It depends on my mood, but I am generally inspired by images of natural beauty.  
What part of the world best describes your mood when you draw?
Any part of the world that is peaceful. Ideally, in the familiar surroundings of my own home, where I can feel comfortable, calm and relaxed.
What’s you favourite room in your house to draw?
My living room or conservatory 
What do you prefer drawing? Inanimate objects, animals, or people?
I generally prefer to draw animals or people rather than inanimate objects.
3 things you love most about drawing?
I find drawing therapeutic as well as challenging. I love the sense of achievement it brings.
Art is an ever-evolving thing. How do you manage to stay current as a creative? 
When a client commissions a portrait of their child, I endeavour to bring their character and vibrancy to life through my work. It is more important that I produce something that my client is pleased with, rather than keeping my artwork current.
Which one of your drawings are you most proud of?
The galloping horse: It was a challenge to show the movement and fluidity of the horse’s limbs.  I was pleased with the result.
What talent or skill do you wish you had?
I would love to be able to communicate with animals.
How would you describe your fashion style?
I am a busy mum of two, so fashion is the last thing on my mind - I tend to wear what I like – if it’s comfortable, and the first thing I do when I get home is put on my slippers!
How do you want your drawings to inspire or evoke feelings in others?
I like to feel my commissions bring to life, fond memories of loved ones and make people happy. 

This is one of my favorite pieces Charlotte has done, 
a beautiful {detailed with color} delicate butterfly. 

Pencil Drawings are extremely personal and of course one of a kind. Receiving a pencil drawn photo of yourself, your partner, child or pet as gift or otherwise could only warm a heart. Stay tuned as i'll share with you the end result of my own personal pencil drawing I commissioned from Charlotte Keelan. 

Charlotte pictured above with her daughter Emily.

Hope you enjoyed Charlotte's world as much as I did. 
To get in contact with Charlotte 


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