November 16, 2015


The holiday season usually calls for extra food, toys, and people coming in and out of your home. It’s very important to prepare in advance and get your home ready for the holidays. Whether you’re hosting overnight guests or giving the big party of the season, these 3 steps will get you ready.

Before your guests arrive, you need to make sure you declutter. Clutter makes a space feel crowded and dirty, so the effect is magnified when your space is small. Also, make sure that you move extra furniture out of your main spaces. Moving them to another room, like your bedroom, can make more room for your guests to move around, stand, and place extra seating. If you have a coat rack, make sure it’s in an accessible location or find a location where guests can hang their coats. If you don’t have a coat rack or don’t want your guests (or their stuff) in your bedroom, hang hooks on the wall close to your front door.

The internet has definitely made entertaining a lot more fun and easy. With the many photos of bar carts, dining rooms, and tablescapes floating around (especially on Pinterest), we’ve been looking forward to hosting guests to serve food and desserts on gorgeous platters - while sipping on cute drinks in cute glasses.
But, if you have a small home, you need somewhere to store and display these platters, plates, and glasses. If you’re short on counter space, you can use your bookcase, tables, or dresser to place your decorative items. Try moving these pieces of furniture from their normal location to another that’s more suitable for entertaining.
If you’re planning on serving finger foods, like chips, olives, cheeses, and fruit, you can even utilize your coffee table to make them more accessible to guests in your living room.

Chairs that are small enough to easily move around your home are always convenient when having extra guests over. If you have dining chairs that aren’t too heavy, you can move some into your living room to provide guests extra seating. Extra seating is usually needed when gathering around the TV for sports games or around the coffee table for a game of cards. You can do the same thing (in your dining room) with smaller scale chairs that are usually reserved for your living room.
Folding chairs are great for the holidays, because they’re actually able to be folded and stored away when not in use. If your home is small, you probably don’t have many chairs hanging around your home anyway - so having a few folding chairs can be a life-saver when you’re short on seating with more guests than you’re used to.
Hopefully, these steps help you properly prepare your small space for your holiday gatherings. By making sure you declutter, utilize your furniture in smart ways, and have access to extra seating, your holiday party is sure to be a success. 

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