November 30, 2015


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My RUSTIC GLAM COLLECTION combines rustic woods with glamorous finishes similar to the likes of gems and precious stones. The best of both worlds to say the least.

 In honor of the of Cyber Monday {Nov 30th} we are excited to share our promotion with you!
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Designed by yours truly + hand crafted by me + my awesome team, they are the perfect entertaining + gifting accessory. These RUSTIC GLAM double-sided coasters lend you two different styled coasters taking up the space of one. 

This pairing of rose gold glitter on one side and chalkboard surface on the other is  for newlyweds who will be spending their 1st Christmas together. 

This set of snow white glittered coasters is for a stylish, Interior Designer who loves the combination of Rustic+ Glam on her decor projects. 

Custom orders are available, ships 1-3 days. I hope you enjoy my new Home Decor Collection. I  have another product launching within the next two weeks and I can't wait to share it with you + hear your feedback! 

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