January 13, 2016


I’ve worked on so many projects where the client feels things can happen quickly as if it’s HGTV. Well l let me break down a few things. HGTV is cool and all but it’s a television network there to ENTERTAIN you. You know what IS NOT entertaining? All of the back and forth work and headache of creating and carrying out a design plan. I mean it is entertaining for some but it would probably be better suited for a drama network like LIFETIME instead of HGTV. Yes, it get’s that real! Now whether you are attempting your own design project or hiring a professional you should have a PLAN! And I'm going to share some designer tips on how you can go about doing that!

We all make mistakes and promise to do better next time. That’s why you will do better next time you decorate. You’re going to do these things first: Analyze your life. Decide what you need and want. Figure out your budget and if you can get what you need and want. It seems so simple, doesn’t it? It is. You just have to make sure you have the patience to do it right the first time.

1. Objective - you should know what you are trying to accomplish. A new look to revive you or your living space? Trying to create more space for living and entertaining or maybe you want to add value to your home. Understand exactly what your objective is. 
2.  Budget - My biggest pet peeve is clients who say, "I don't really have a budget" LIAR!!! Everyone has a budget. Billionaires have budgets { I think that covers EVERYONE} If you get stumped on this I always tell my clients, "think about how much you do NOT want to spend" You don't want to go over 50k or 100k? Well, look how we have found your budget. {wink}
3. Timeline - I tell my clients the design process is like child labor. Each process is different yet almost ALL are uncomfortable, painful and even grueling at times, but it's always worth it at the end. Make sure you understand that it's not an HGTV show which has created this seamless experience due to months of pre planning and great editing. 

This should get the wheels turning and a conversation going in the house. It will make you better prepared whether you are tackling this project alone or with a professional. 

What we are going to do here doesn’t take a degree in quantum physics. 
 You need to be your own client. Have discussions with yourself and your family. Figure out all those details that you eventually come to regret down the road. You know, like your budget, your needs, and finding out that even though pink velvet sounds perfect for your sofa you realize your dog who sheds immensely will turn it into a fur coat in no time. Things like this lead you to spending money on things you didn’t want to spend money the first time around because design + decorating process can appear to easy and simple. 

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