January 27, 2016


While working on projects I have to scour ever source and leave no stone unturned. I decided to share a few of my favorite find. This post will show some of my favorite GOLD items on ETSY. 

This black + gold paper mache lamp really caught my eye. Those who know me know how much I am a fab on of contrast. The texture of the lamp is fabulous as well.

These candles are fun, again contrast on a round object, notice a theme? My favorite is the gold and off white candle.

These gold pyrite knobs are the greatest combination of rustic + glam. I really like The rough texture but jewel sparkle is the perfect amount of flare to a set of drawers.

These planters really caught my eye, can you guess why??? CONTRAST CONTRAST CONTRAST!! YES!!! It’s pretty obvious at this point, I found the price to be pretty amazing as well. These are so funky and they work all year round. Can you picture these with your curb appeal Christmas Decor?! Can someone say amazing!!!

Of course I had to add in my Rustic Glam Coasters. The Gold Collection is a combination of sharp color combinations such as black and gold with cool geometric shapes. The reverse side is a black chalkboard surface, which can be used for writing your name or dirty messages to each other. Your choice, either way this has been one of my best sellers in bulk orders!

I hope you enjoyed that GOLD RUSH. Until next time!

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