February 3, 2016


I love my bathroom to feel like a romantic spa all the time and their so many different ways you can go about achieving that. Once I finish a bathroom design they’re a few things I share with my clients so they can maintain the look and feel of the bathroom. Here are 5 additions you can add  to your bathroom for a more romantic feel.

Monochromatic color scheme with your towels provides consistency and feel a bit more lavish. Try to select towels that have a high density. I like my towels to have a density around 500 grams {+-250 grams or so}. 

I love putting a few of these around a house, especially in a bathroom. When it comes to plants the bathroom is often forgotten but shouldn’t be. They take minimal care and they do well all year long. 1 or a few to your bathroom it will definitely make your bathroom feel calm, relaxing + romantic.  via Her Paper Weight

Get funky and sassy with your bath mat. Try bath mats with sassy phrases or cool graphics. Try to switch your bath mat from 1-2 weeks {depending on use}. It’s a quick way to refresh the bathroom and keep a romantic feel rotating.

I love this idea to store your toilet paper. Baskets provide a cool natural element to a room and the contrast of the white toilet paper against a natural woven basket is a very simple and chic look for any bathroom. 

For some reason people don’t think of using all artwork for the bathroom. I’m not sure why that is, but here is an example. As we know images of Marilyn are always used to add a feel of sensuality, romance, and feminism.  
Here you a see an image of her in a bedroom.

Here is an image of Marilyn being used in a bathroom. It’s instantly sexy and romantic. Don’t limit your choices.

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