February 24, 2016


As an Interior Stylist with 10 years experience I have learned to understand people based on the way they dress, carry themselves as well as the way they live. I have also learned an immense amount about MEN specifically, due to being single during my entire 20s {and still during my early 30’s}. Both my professional life and dating career have taught me so much about men, their space, how they like to enjoy it and inevitably what is says about who they are. Get ready ladies; get ready for some insight into understanding a man through understanding how he dwells.

The way you style your home doesn’t just reflect who you are but also where you are in your life. Just as you get to know someone on the first few dates you should also take heed to how he lives. This article will highlight how you can understand the essence of a man, therefore allowing you to better understand him. Ultimately allowing for a more enjoyable dating experience whether he ends up being your life partner or simply and awesome experience along your journey to meeting you life partner.

Taking the time out to purchase art & wall décor let alone the time it takes to hang it on the wall is an essential indication to how much enjoyment that art/wall décor will provide him in his home. Women have a higher tendency to hang wall décor simply for ambiance & style. Men not so much. Men tend to hang wall décor, which they relate to, or has a significant meaning to them. Ever notice how a home with a woman living in it have an abundance of wall décor, yet the home of a man will have areas without art and some areas with art. This is because men usually won’t take the time out to hang anything on their wall if it didn’t mean something to them. With that said, pay attention to the art a man has on his wall.

If he has art of Athletes he may have been an athlete when he was younger and/or he is a fan of sportsmanship, hard work, dedication and holds a champion mindset. Take note of the athletes he may have on his wall, ask him why he likes them and that’s a great way to learn about him.
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His display of cultural art can be a souvenir of recent places he’s visited or places he wants to go. It can also be a reflection of his cultural background or a culture/way of life he has interest in or admires. He probably also has a great collection of music + books. If you don’t know much about the cultures his art showcases ask him if he has books on it, or simply Google it!

Artwork which gives food for thought can mean that he’s philosophical, intuitive, intelligent and observant about life. This guy looks at life introspectively and is a student of life. He is ether a non-confrontational personality as he’s very understanding OR he’s has a very dominant assertive personality and sees conflict as a part of life. Either way he pays attention to people, the way they think, and has the ability to give good perspective when needed.

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This guy is a strategist and admires Pioneers. Take note, just because he has a particular Political Icon on his wall doesn’t mean he’s a fan of that Icon “personally”. He actually may admire that icons fearlessness, intellect, policy, or his impact on society. This guy is a student of the past present and future and can be very ambitious. He’ll probably give you fun facts about these Politicians, which you never knew. He can serve as your personal historian which can assist you in seeing the world in a different way.

Whichever style of art your guy likes, always remember this is further insight into who he is, what he enjoys + what excites him! Don’t take this vertical display of personality for granted. Even if you don’t have interest in his style of art, it’s still a contribution to who he is as a person, after all, that’s the purpose of dating + relationships right? 

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