January 20, 2016


Instead of making resolutions try setting goals instead. Setting goals provides you the opportunity to constantly evolve as a person.

Do a personal inventory of who you are, what you like, what excites you, makes, you feel passionate etc. Make a list and actually take a personal inventory the same way you would if you had a warehouse full of goods. Think of yourself as a store which has a great merchandise + services. Taking a personal inventory will allow you to always know what you have in stock, it’s condition + if you want keep it or change products.

Doing that personal inventory will help you to identify your strengths + weaknesses. Start creating a list of each, and let me tell you, this is such a LIBERATING exercise. Identifying your strengths + understanding your weaknesses is one of the most empowering tools and abilities to have.  It puts the power in your hands. Knowing your strengths empowers you and reminds you of what you bring to the table as an overall person. Knowing your weaknesses really is AMAZING because you no longer have to be afraid of your “short comings”. My favorite part of identifying your weaknesses is the ability to decide if you want to work on turning your weaknesses into a new strength. It’s not an over night job, it’s more of a journey. THIS can be something you can put on your GOAL list! You now have a goal instead of a resolution.  A journey of change you can start to plan the foundation for.  

Now that you have done your personal inventory + combed through their strengths /weaknesses you can now break down exactly what personal changes you would like to be a short term goal vs. a long term goal.  Now, A long-term goal doesn’t have to be 3-5 years from now. A long-term goal can be something you want to achieve 3-6 months from now. Remember in life, everything is a building block. Below are a few examples of how you can set up a few long-term goals.

~Learn a New Language
Maybe you want to learn a new language, or get better at a language you are slightly familiar with. What you can do is decide you want to be able to order your food in a particular language or, or read the newspaper in that language. What you can do is try to learn 5 new words from that language per day or week. {Which ever is suitable for your needs} Maybe you want to watch 30 min of a TV show in that particular language.

~Saving Money
If you want to increase better saving habits or save an exact amount of money give yourself a deadline and plan on saving a certain amount every week. Maybe you want to not buy lunch 2x/week or maybe you want to increase your prices/rates or maybe start selling a new product/service within in your company/biz/brand.

~Loose lbs or Become Healthier
What you may want to do is 1x/week start substituting an unhealthy treat for a healthy one in your pantry. So maybe you remove a bag of chips and add a veggie puffs, or one of my favorites is tortilla chips which I eat with fresh guacamole {remember avocado has all of the good fats our body needs}. Maybe you can remove juices with a lot of sugar to something with ½ the sugar or fruit infused water. These small changes can help you to have a new life style and way of eating within the next 3-6 months.

Do the same with your short-term goals. Head back to your personal inventory and start to figure out exactly what you may want change or implement on a short term basis. Maybe you want to start making your bed up everyday, or cook new recipes more often or maybe you want to check in with your friends and family more often. Add this to the list of goals for the next 2-4 weeks. Daily changes or even 3x/week is enough for you to try out these new changes as well as let you know if you want to keep these new changes + goals alive. You may realize that cooking more often is just not your thing. Maybe you feel defeated by it and your time could be better spent elsewhere. Maybe having your partner cook for you or hire someone to prepare great meals may be a better use of your time and energy.

Here is where you review your goals, go over your accomplishments and any redirection you need to do.  Now, before you start feeling bad about something a goal you didn’t complete start to examine WHY. You may have to adjust some of your habits or other obligations to aid you in achieving said goal.  Here is what you should try to break down.

This is where you take notes on what was accomplished and what wasn’t.

~Why/Why Not
Now that you have your list you can dissect why certain goals were accomplished over other. You would be surprised to see how often people may not achieve their goals, due to bad scheduling, timing or lack of interest or need of a particular goal.

~Is it Necessary/Keeper
Since you have done a lovely autopsy on your goal accomplishment let’s try to figure out if you want to maintain it. Sometimes we may achieve a goal and decide, eh I’m not really into this, or I find this uncomfortable or maybe you achieve a goal and thing, this is awesome, I want to do this more or on a higher level.

These tips should help you really outline and accomplish a few new goals during ANYTIME in your life. This is also a great tool when managing or working with a team of people. It’s obviously a great tool for your family kids + adults alike. At the end of the day life is about becoming a better version of YOU, now it’s up to YOU to make it happen!

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