September 7, 2016


We all know Geometric shapes have been all the rage for a while now. I picked out 4 geometric rugs, which caught my eye for some of the projects I’m preparing for. Take a look maybe one may be an awesome fit to add to one of your rooms/areas this fall + winter season.  

1. This runner would be great for the entrance of your home as well as a mudroom or kids room/play room.
2. This rug is a great splash of color in your living room or even better, your dinning room. I splash of color under your feet is not only unexpected but makes for a great feel entering and leaving the room.
3. This combination of diamonds and triangles and it’s unexpected pattern consistency gives it a hand crafted/artisan feel. I loved it. This would be lovely in a living room, but I think it’ll be awesome in a gender-neutral nursery. This is such a great accent and basis for a nursery child room because it has so many colors you can draw from and it’s playful pattern is obviously playful.

So I haven’t come across a geometric rug in the last 2 months, but I have I did get a hold of a Traditional Turkish rug. The green color just captivated me and caught my eye. It’s color really brightens up a room and gives it a sense of a natural excitement, almost a calm type of excitement. Click the photo to see more pics of this gorgeous rug in my KRRB Corner.

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