September 14, 2016



So we all know this Nikki Minaj Anaconda broke records on YouTube etc. I loved the set design of this video. It motivated me to do a “Get The Look” post for a home gym/work out area.


One of the favorite scenes is this exercise room. I love the fact that they are in the jungle and there is this electric colorful gym, which doesn’t belong there, yet it does. I like how the production designer decided to create an unpredictable look by adding bright colored elements that one wouldn’t find in the jungle. 
The scene below has the more expected authentic jungle elements + look, which work so well. I love the choice of using a lot of bamboo to create the structures and I really like how the thatch roof hut anchors the look.

I love the crisp look of the more monochromatic look and tone of the jungle scene above, and I wanted to create a bit more contrast. Below you will see a few gyms, which have a black/white color schemes. I decided to use the black and white color scheme as a base and build it up with the variations of green and neutrals, which you find in the jungle scene above. I combined that with the d├ęcor elements of the colorful work out scene. {i.e. the use of bamboo, neon lighting + vintage suitcases}

via Woods & Weaves

via Vogue Magazine

via minimalisti

These are the beginning stages of how I start putting together a design concept. I started collecting references then begin editing through the keepers. I then add them together to create a more comprehensive mood board. Stay tuned for that mood board …it’s be coming up soon.

If you liked how I broke this music video down, take a look at the OTIS music video breakdown.  See if you can “GET THE LOOK”

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