September 28, 2016


Last week was my Birthday, and I had an amazing day on a sailboat at the Brooklyn Marina. My bestie {who’s also my Beau} knows how much I love the water, sun and wind… since my Birthday fell on a Wednesday, we were both so busy with work, we rented the boat for a night and a day. We rented the boat on AIR BnB, and our host was an awesome guy named Pavel. The reviews on his AIR BnB account were great, and so was our stay. I didn't really take any great photos of inside the boat, but if you'd like to see what that looks like you can click here. I believe the boat is now docked in NJ instead of BK. Probably even more of a relaxing experience. 

This boat stayed docked at the Brooklyn Marina, so it was like staying in a hotel on water. Above is the view from the front of the boat and the below photo is taken from me standing behind the boat.

The marina was decently busy yet very serene. Just enough people to allow you to feel human interaction + still quiet enough to feel calming. 

As the sun was rising we were so mesmorized by the different colors in the sky and couldn’t help but to just have a moment as natures light slowly made it’s way to us.

This is the view we enjoyed a lot through out the two days and one night we stayed there. It was one of the highlights of spending the night there, we had the opportunity to just connect with nature on it’s simplest yet most complicated and beautiful form. 

We both felt so mentally at peace and ready to conquer the day. The below selfie is one of my favorite pics from our trip. We were enjoying the wind passing our ears and sun hitting our skin in this pic. 

My handsome STUD Shih-Tzu named Avi {yes ladies, he's single} joined us on our docked sail boat adventure. Avi is originally from Florida {I got him 12 years ago when I lived in Miami} so he loves the ocean breeze and air. 

He starts to relax, lay down and stand in line with the way the wind is blowing when he's near the ocean or any form of water for that matter. It’s an adorable thing to see, he’s truly an island Shih-Tzu.  

 I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of being at sea along with taking in the air sun and sounds of nature. It's amazing how you wouldn't believe you were in Brooklyn NY during our stay. I've gathered some photos below of chic sailboat style which caught my eye. 

 Above Water

Common Sea


I hope you enjoyed sailing into my world. Stay tuned for more on my trips and adventures, in the meantime check out my trip to Guyana this spring.

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