October 5, 2016


My Bestie lives in Sao Paulo Brasil and since I’m in NY smoothly transitioning into winter...while vastly mourning the warm summer months…I figured why not live vicariously through her spring to summer transition? Join me on this journey as we go upside down to SAO PAULO Brasil and explore some of their great destinations, spaces + art the city has to offer!

Above and below are photos of Caline's trip to Praia de Jabaquara, a quaint relaxing beach off of the city of Sao Paolo. Praia de Jabaquara is known for calm waters, which is great for paddle boarding, kayaking, and for those who don’t know how to swim or just learning how to swim. Great intro beach for the babies as well...you don't have to worry about waves crashing or knocking them down, which allows more of an opportunity to relax and kick back a bit. 

Since it’s berry season in Sao Paulo Caline picked berries on this awesome farm. She didn’t end up making a pie with it but, instead it was added into a larger collection of berries, as they made their way to their final transition into jam.

While at this beautiful remote beach the owners of the restaurant caught this fish and grilled it on a banana leaf over a coal grill. I could only imagine the fresh + smoky taste it had upon it's completion. 
Since it’s spring {aka breeding season} in Sao Paulo, near by was a farm where many horse owners take their horses when it's time for them to give birth. Almost like a "maternity ward" style farm for horses. This is a mom and her new baby…I’m not sure how old her foal is, but they are both gorgeous. That all white look of the mom and the black and white cow patterned foal is guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks and take on a paparazzi style frenzy to capture their beauty + intrigue.

Now we are back to the city...this is the back of MASP Museo Do Arte Sao Paulo. It’s a famous landmark in Sao Paulo. Most people take photos of it from the front/entrance of the  museum but Caline decided to take a photo of the back of it as it’s rarely seen + photographed.

Here is a photo of the front of the building. This is the view of MASP which is usually seen + photographed. The back of the building is just as interesting as the front, I wonder why people don't give the backside a little more attention.

Let’s make our way into the rest of the city and it’s fabricators. There is this ingenious fabrication company in Sao Paulo called Prototype SP . It was created by Felipe Protti who is a designer, illustrator + architect. They fabricate custom structures for specific projects + brands. I like how they have collaborated their production + creative style with some of the worlds biggest brands. 

This is a WILDTURKEY BARCAR. Wild Turkey is a brand of bourbon whiskey distilled out of Kentucky. Metal + wood front gives a stationary bar feel although the casters and the extendable cover hosting the logo lets you know this bar is on the move.

 The pine/oak color wood is carried through to the interior of the barcar. The clean lines, brass finishes, liquor compartments + drink ware storage allow for more cache than one would expect.

This is a Nike boom bicycle boom box cart created for Nike running events. Talk about marketing on the GO!

Shoe display + boom box + bicycle = GENIUS!!!

This RED BULL drink Trolly is another one of Prototype's creations. 

I like the way they incorporated Red Bull's brand colors along with their signature style of combining raw woods + metals.

Now let's venture into some architecture, dinning with a dash of luxury. We are going into one of the city's newly renovated and eye catching structures. 

The Unique Hotel has been Caline's “go to” place for client meetings. {She's an Advertising/Marketing Executive}  They’ve all leave very impressed by the design, service and ambiance. It’s located near  “Parque Ibirapuera” which is like the Central Park of Sao Paolo. Let’s get into some background info and the design of the hotel.

 It’s actually known as the “Watermelon” if you ask the locals of Sao Paulo. Renovated in 2012, this wide ”U” shape building was designed by vividly imaginative architect Ruy Ohtake. The progressive and innovative look of the exterior is carried out through the interior combined with a feel of lavish-ness yet not ostentatious. The “U” like structure and combination of porthole windows was specifically designed that way by Ruy Ohtake. His conceptual goal was for the hotel to look like the hull of a ship. Not only does he accomplish that in his architectural creation but combining the rustic and more traditional use and concept of a ship with modern + progressive finishes leaves this structure to be called nothing less than stunning!

This bar/lounge is so eye catching with that elongated liquor display of horizontal shelves. Apply named “The Wall” this bar is horizontally small but yet not too much of a  quant feel with the large wall {which also doubles as a logo} providing an airy amount of vertical space while housing about 300 brands of liquor. This is a great use of space. Using square footage vertically is a solid solution when limited with square footage horizontally. 

This lovely rooftop destination is called Skye Bar. Many come here to enjoy the view of the highest point in Sao Paulo, "Avenida Paulista." You can also experience a complete view of “Parque Ibirapuera” {the Central Park of Brasil} from this well illuminated roof top restaurant + bar.  The pool is known for it’s red color which gives of a "red light special" type of feel at night.  Their menu is known for being flavorful with a large selection of Brasils famous cocktail,  the caipirinha.

Brooklyn Nights with the bestie. So Cali made her way to NY on a work trip and we were able to get back to the laughing, dancing + drinking we do so well! Our 15 year friendship has led us to understand the importance of maintaining and understanding each other, life and it's changes as they come our way. 

In todays world of technology advancement no border, ocean, mountain or river stands in the way of keeping in touch and staying connected. That's the beauty of the global market. We are truly all connected and ONE at the end of the day!  I hope you have enjoyed this "UPSIDE DOWN" journey to Sao Paulo by way of Me + Cali. Remember, we are all united + linked together through the many art forms which we connect.

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