October 26, 2016


So I am not into horror or violent films, but my friend who’s an awesome director wrote and directed this movie called Curse of Mesopotamia and I remember when he started writing this script when he started shooting the film, while it was being edited, when he started doing press etc. The movie is now available on AMAZON as it was released for the US + CANADIAN market about 4 months ago. 
 With that said, this horror is going to definitely be the exception to the horror film I watch. So the movie is a combination of horror and mystery. Going back and forth between modern times and mystical pasts it was filmed in the Middle East and in both historic sites and modern ones. I’m not only going to watch this movie to support my friend and for the entertainment, but I’m very interested in the set design {as usual}. I’ve been to the Middle East {Israel, Lebanon + Cyprus} a few times and the architecture is gorgeous. The sense of style is easy on the eye as well. Ok, so more than easy on the eye, more like eye catching? The point is there is so much beauty in the region a lovely combination of old and new, bright colors as well as natural colors you can find in the bricks, sand, grass, ocean, sky.

The photos I’ve attached below are still shots of the more traditional and historical look of the Middle East. These still totally caught my eye and it’s making me look forward to watching the even more.


I love the above photo with Melissa Mars a French actress who I interviewed {that interview is coming up soon..stay tuned} Anyhow I love her headband/crown with her teased hair…she really looks like a woman in charge while still looking very feminine. I feel that’s something that today “Feminist Movement” doesn’t really understand. There is clearly this concept that a woman who embraces her beauty and sexy are not feminist. 

We can see the same thing in the above image with Kaoutar Boudarraja an actress from Morocco. The use of the floral head piece….{flowers not metal or steel} with the white bustier showing her cleavage and color bone. I mean if that isn’t BEAUTIFUL POWER I don’t know what is. There is this concept that a woman embracing her sexuality, beauty or sensuality makes her weaker than a man while the truth is that is our power, and during this time period of the movie the powerful women used their sexuality, sensuality to gain and acquire power. Really an amazing thing!


The above shot with the scary witch monster lady, and below {which looks like some scary type of torture scene.} Also have more of those traditional + historical looks of the Middle East. In the below pic, my eye was very much drawn to the wardrobes of the men. 

Especially the man who appears to be the leader/King,  I like his ensemble, and the wardrobe of the men around him, I’m not sure if they are guards/ warriors but soon as I watch the movie I’ll get back to you with the details.


This is a good close up of the leader/King ensemble. I like the details around his neck as well as his headpiece.

All right folks, I hope you enjoy this movie, as I plan on enjoying it this weekend when I watch it. Like I said, I don’t do horror but I’m going to try and sit through it and simply occasionally turn my head as needed. Check out the trailer and the movie is available on AMAZON. I’d love to hear your feedback of the movie after you’ve watched it as well! Enjoy the Trailer...

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