October 19, 2016


I had an awesome yard sale last weekend and it went pretty awesome. I’ve collected so many awesome pieces from projects and I decided a great way to get rid of them is a large vintage yard sale.  

Of course I had to through in some of my personal items. I had so many shoes which I don’t wear anymore, so of course I had to throw them in the mix of fabulous pieces for sale. I plan on donating the unsold shoes to Dress For Success. 

This amazing console was amazing eye catcher, it’s actually for record storage but it’s great for books, amazing and anything else you want to store in there. 

The trio of mirrors was being sold 3 for $20. A give away! I still have these three mirrors available if you are interested, reach out via e-mail {info@thedancingdesigner.com} or leave a comment.

This section was the vintage accessory section. Many buyers were pretty interested in the magazine racks but wondered if they’d have a need for it as they don’t really have many magazines to store anymore…oh how the digital age is effecting home décor. {wink} Using magazine racks for a book was an obvious solution to me, but again, I guess many aren’t using/reading/keeping books as much as before?

I sold a good amount of the wall art, I received many inquiries for the Scarface picture but no one took the leap, so that’s still available for sale.  The round espresso mirrors are still available for sale as well. 

To see more of the pieces I've collected through my projects check out the link below. 

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